Jordy Zak’s Newly Released Musical Single Now Available On Various Digital Platforms

Motivational speaker and model, Jordy Zak, finally released his single in 2019, and it gained thousands of plays on various digital platforms.

Jordy Hernandez, fashion content creator, model, and motivational speaker and popularly known as Jordy Zak, finally decided to release “Que Bien la Pasamos.” the said musical single is his first single for this year. Currently, he is promoting this musical proposal.

In just a few weeks, the recent musical single of Jordy Zak has already gained thousands of plays on different digital platforms. Among the avid listeners whom Jordy Zak has captured was his followers on social media networks.
Jordy Zak was born on June 7, 1993, in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. In 2014, Jordy Zak and his mother had decided to migrate to the United States because of the difficult circumstances they have experienced in their country. Since then, he and his mother started a new life in Miami, Florida. At very young, he already displayed a passion for music, modelling, fashion, and communication.

Many were surprised that behind his passion for the said fields, he is a professional Accountant with specialization on auditing and filled his life with business responsibilities. Due to his creativity and passion, he accumulated success in his Instagram social network where his photography style, modelling talent, and love for fashion were well-appreciated by his followers. He has reached thousands of followers in both Latin America and the US because of his charisma, charm, and talent.

Jordy Zak effectively used his popularity in social networks by being one of the voices of emigrants. He helps these emigrants by showing how they can come to the US to contribute while growing professionally and succeeding in various artistry movements. Being one of the young Hispanic leaders throughout Latin America and the US, he wants to continue his success in helping immigrants show their talents and contributions.

Meanwhile, Jordy Zak’s passion for learning never stops. He is always enthusiastic in improving himself as well as his talents. He considers training for him to overcome new challenges and create new opportunities. Apart from his current profession’s success, he shows readiness to explore more things about singing and music. Although he has a great passion for music, fashion, and other fields, Jordy Zak will not leave the professional world, for he has gained significant achievements and desired by reputable companies in the financial sector.

Currently, the Que Bien la Pasamos is available on iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud, and Amazon. Many are also excited and looking forward about Jordy Zak’s latest events.

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Jordy Zak is a music and fashion lover who gained success in his Instagram for his charisma, an interesting stereotype of perfection, and unique photography style. He is also a Hispanic leader for immigrants and a professional Accountant.

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