Joplin Carpet Cleaning Low Moisture Pet Safe Odor Service Launched

A Joplin based carpet cleaning specialist, Crystal Clean Carpets, have launched a new service. The new service is a low moisture method of cleaning carpets that leaves them clean and quick drying.

Crystal Clean Carpets, based in Joplin, have launched a new low moisture carpet cleaning service. This new service does not soak the carpets leaving them dry within the hour saving customers valuable time.

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Crystal Clean Carpets is owner operated and the owner, Alan Snider, will personally answer phone calls to ensure customer satisfaction. The website explains that they are the premier low moisture and upholstery cleaners for Joplin, Carthage, and the surrounding area in South West Missouri.

Modern carpets can hold up to a pound of dirt per square foot and this dirt consists of dust, allergens, pollen and other impurities. The site states that not only does cleaning carpets restore them to looking their best, it also helps to keep the home healthy and hygienic.

Crystal Clean Carpets help homeowners to achieve carpet cleanliness by using a low moisture cleaning system rather than the traditional hot water extraction method. The hot water extraction method involves thoroughly soaking the carpet leaving it wet for hours, as well as trailing hoses through the home. With this method stains and spots often re-appear.

The low moisture method `uses patented technology to aggressively agitate the carpet without damaging the fibers meaning that less water is needed leaving carpets dry within an hour. Another benefit of using less water is that carpets are not soaked through and that means that stains do not wick back and re-appear. They use a machine that is self contained and does not trail hoses through customers houses bringing disruption to a minimum.

Crystal Clean Carpets do not use soap and modern low moisture cleaning chemicals are 96% biodegradable, making it an earth friendly option. They also leave carpets with no sticky residue and are safe for children and pets.

The company also offers services that include upholstery and pet odor. Those wishing to find out more about Crystal Clean Carpets can visit the website on the link provided above.

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