Jonathan Harfield Fitness Introduces Their Functional Fitness Program

The online fitness and nutrition platform Jonathan Harfield Fitness is celebrating their recent launch with a new functional fitness program. Sign up for a limited free week trial.

The online fitness and nutrition platform Jonathan Harfield Fitness is celebrating their recent launch with a new functional fitness program. The founder has a lifelong interest in sports – playing at a high level for his local football and rugby teams. He started the venture with the aim of helping other young professionals in their fitness journey. After completing a degree in Applied Sport and Exercise, he applied the expertise of past mentors and coaches to set up his own fitness company. Whilst the original remit focused mainly on professional footballers, the business has now expanded to encompass clients of all ages and backgrounds.

Whether you are a seasoned athlete or just starting out, Jonathan Harfield Fitness is set up to benefit all your needs. Unlike big established gyms and sports businesses, here you receive specialist attention from one of many highly qualified trainers. The company creates specifically tailored programs to suit each individual client. To do this, their trainers specialise in functional fitness. For the uninitiated, this is a full-body workout designed to improve five core fitness areas; strength, cardiovascular endurance, balance, agility and flexibility. Each program has a specific purpose such as building muscle mass or losing weight. For instance, the high intensity interval workouts will help those looking to shed fat.

The company believes that hardcore workouts are simply not necessary. At Jonathan Harfield Fitness, staff have seen many clients come armed with gruelling training routines which promise to turn you into a ripped Olympian overnight. These need to be avoided. Most of these programs are false adverts. In many cases, it can harm your progress, destroy your motivation and create impossible expectations. Rather, trainers will work with you to understand your fitness goals and help you reach them. They will help you find the right technique and form for lifting. A combination of high and low rep training is used to prevent overtraining and ultimately injury. Instead of competing against unrealistic expectations, everything is designed to go at your own pace.

At Jonathan Harfield Fitness, the idea is collaboration not competition. The founder of the online fitness and nutrition platform says: “Many people who go to the gym feel overwhelmed by the guy lifting the heaviest weights out there. They get demotivated because they don’t feel they measure up. Our place creates a more inclusive atmosphere where everyone is welcome.” The company wants to shake up the view that only certain types of people go the gym. You only need a bit of motivation can get onboard.

Harfield says: “Too many gyms view workouts as a tool to strengthen the body. Here we encourage you to learn how to take care of your physical and mental health.” This company wants to turn your workouts into lasting habits that positively improve every aspect of your life.

The online fitness and nutrition brand is offering a limited free week trial on the new functional fitness program. For more free content on the latest health and fitness trend, follow the Founder on his Medium channel.

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