Jon Davler Inc’s LIP COUTURE Shade “GHOULISH” Wins Most Desired Color Of 2016

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In a corporate product review, Jon Davler Inc.'s International Director of Marketing and Sales Long Nguyen announced today that LIP COUTURE GHOULISH was the most desired color in 2016 by Jon Davler Inc.'s customers. The dramatic couture color exceeded all previous individual product sales

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Jon Davler Inc. announced today that LIP COUTURE GHOULISH was awarded the most desired color in 2015 by Jon Davler Inc. The dramatic Couture color blasted through the top of all previous sales charts, setting records for any single liquid lipstick.

Jon Davler International Director of Marketing and Sales, Long Nguyen said, “The company was surprised how theworldwide market of young and glamorous females loved the darker shades, represented by GHOULISH, last year. The statistics show that, for 2015, Lip Couture Ghoulish was the best seller, followed by Lip Couture Latte Confession and Smitten Lip Tint Mousse Ravens Claw.” The newest LASplash products are making a strong showing in 2016,” Nguyen continued. “Tiramisu is leading the pack, with Honey Blonde a close second, and Latte Confession slipping slightly toto third place.” With new production facilities, added production personnel and an improved transportation system, Jon Davler Inc. is well prepared to continue as a leading U.S. and international cosmetics supplier for its upscale, dynamic and prosperous young female audience”. Nguyen continued, “ LASplash is focusing marketing resources on exploding internet sales of the broad cosmetics product line. Because customers are worldwide, the company wants to make purchasing glamour and beauty products as easy as is possible. Young customers increasingly choose the internet to make their selections, whether in the US, Asia or Europe.”

Jon Davler Inc. internet sales have doubled in the last year, and the company is committed to doubling them again in 2016. It is right on target for the first five months of 2016.

Jon Davler internet customers currently find LASplash products published widely on Instagram. Broader exposure through Facebook and higher Search Engine placement is coming soon as in-process website upgrades are reflected by increased customers and sales. This strong focus on increasing revenue through improved Internet sales is expected to enhance company leadership and market share in the worldwide cosmetics community.

Mr. Nguyen summed up corporate expectations as follows: “2016 will be the best year ever for both Jon Davler Inc. and LASplash in both revenue and customer satisfaction.”

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