Johnstone Scotland Solvents & Chemicals Supplier Launches Specialty Products

Johnstone, Scotland solvents & chemicals supplier featured a new line of domestic and commercial chemical products and packaging solutions as part of a mega sale. The range of chemicals from the Renfrewshire firm include automotive cleaning and solvent products, janitorial cleaning compounds, and maintenance chemicals.

Johnstone, Scotland solvents & chemicals supplier Fasttrackchemicals announced the launch of several specialty products as part of its mega sale. The Renfrewshire firm’s sale features new solvent degreasers, windscreen wash solutions, paint strippers, hard surface cleaners, anti-splatter fluids, bottles, and buckets.

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The company’s January mega sale follows a successful Black Friday event and features UN-certified buckets for the transportation of hazardous materials and stackable containers. Fasttrackchemicals is one of the region’s leading suppliers of specialty chemicals for home, commercial, and industrial use.

The Fasttrackchemicals product range focuses on five major segments – domestic, automotive, janitorial, maintenance, and packaging solutions. Automotive products represent the Johnstone chemicals supplier’s largest segment with car valeting products such as polishes, auto wax, bumper dressing gel, leather cleaner, alloy wheel cleaning acid, and removal products for film, tar, and glue.

The company’s product packaging line includes High-density polyethylene (HDPE) bottles and jerrycans alongside a range of plastic caps and other closure devices that find use in pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and the general storage of liquids and solids.

Other featured products as part of the mega sale include slow-evaporating glue and tar removal solvents, traffic film removal spray, nontoxic biodegradable welder’s anti-splatter fluid, and a wide range of plastic deliverables.

According to a spokesperson for Fasttrackchemicals, “As a leading supplier of specialty chemicals in Scotland, we are happy to feature high-quality packaging products and chemicals. Our product launches are part of an ongoing effort to make superlative solutions available to home and commercial users across the west central Lowlands and across the country.”

Headquartered in the city of Johnstone, Fasttrackchemicals supplies homes and businesses in the United Kingdom with specialty chemicals and receptacles. The company offers to ship to any mainland destination within the United Kingdom. More information is available at the URL above.

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