Johnson City TN Chronic Disease Care Expert Functional Medicine Guide Released

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Tri-Cities Functional Medicine (423-217-4158), a Johnson City, TN clinic that treats residents of the Tri-Cities area, has released a functional medicine guide covering chronic diseases. The guide also discusses the most common questions asked of functional medicine professionals.

The new guide by Tri-Cities Functional Medicine documents common queries about functional medicine and dispels myths about the discipline. The center focuses on applying proven, patient-friendly approaches to treat a wide range of health issues, to promote patient wellbeing.

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The guide provides patients and caregivers with the knowledge and resources they need to make more informed medical care decisions. Readers can find the answers to many common questions related to treatment approaches that combine alternative medicine with traditional medical practices.

Functional medicine is based on research in the fields of genomics, nutritional science, and epigenetics. The discipline relates to treating the root causes of disease, and proponents of the approach claim that it is patient-centered and systems-orientated. Physicians take a holistic approach to treatment, with the mind, body, spirit, and lifestyle factored into treatment plans.

The Tri-Cities Functional Medicine guide explains the core concepts in plain language for the benefit of a wide readership. The guide then addresses the process, authenticity, and scope of functional medicine, and treatment regimens for different conditions are discussed.

To address concerns related to authenticity, the guide provides a biography of Dr. Joseph Radawi, the Medical Director at Tri-Cities Functional Medicine. The guide contains a list of chronic conditions that functional medicine may prevent or treat, including fatigue, migraine, allergies, autoimmune disease, and depression and anxiety. It explains that the practice is health-centered rather than disease-centered.

Tri-Cities Functional Medicine was established in 2016 to improve patient care and strengthen doctor-patient relationships. It serves patients in the Tri-Cities area of Tennessee, namely Bristol, Johnson City, and Kingsport.

For those concerned with social distancing in the medical context, the Johnson City wellness center offers telemedicine services through its dedicated platform. Free live webinars are also scheduled to educate the general public about functional medicine.

On its commitment to patient care, a medical center spokesperson said, “We will provide you a road map to help you navigate through your health issues with an entirely new frame of reference. We’re here to address the root causes of your issues and restore your health.”

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