Johnson City TN Chiropractic Natural Neck Pain Relief Expert Services Expanded

Johnson City-based chiropractic clinic, Life Light, have expanded their natural, drug-free pain relief services to help patients suffering from chronic neck pain.

Life Light Chiropractic clinic, based in Johnson City, have expanded their professional pain relief services to include gentle chiropractic treatment for patients suffering from musculoskeletal neck pain.

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The Tennessee chiropractic clinic has expanded their all-natural neck pain relief treatment for customers looking for long-term, drug-free solutions.

Around 50% of adults in the US will experience chronic neck pain at some point throughout their lives, and for many, this will interfere with daily life. Life Light Chiropractic is offering their services to help these individuals live a pain-free life.

The clinic aims to provide treatment for neck pain and other body pain without the use of drugs or requiring surgery, to help patients improve their wellbeing and performance. They aim to provide a peaceful sanctuary providing the highest quality care available and offer affordable family and individual wellness plans.

Dr Scott Vautrin, the chiropractor specialist, has studied many forms of therapy from light gentle touch to traditional chiropractic bone moving techniques. He has optimized the treatment and now offers a specialist zone healing technique. This technique addresses the function of six body systems to balance the brain and align the spine. These six ‘circuits’ influence the glands, the elimination process, the nervous system, the digestive system, the muscular system, and blood circulation.

The doctor will examine the point on the back of the head to identify which circuits are affected and are out of harmony with the body, and then stimulate specific points on the spine. The balanced circuit will return healthy signals back to the malfunctioning system, and alleviate the symptoms caused by the disruption such as muscular pain, headaches, and neck or back pain.

In most cases, patients will be treated during their first session and see immediate results. Patients can return for follow-up appointments to provide long-term pain relief treatment if required.

With over fifteen years of chiropractic experience, Dr Vautrin has helped thousands of people heal from musculoskeletal aches and pains and other health conditions.

One satisfied patient said: “I like Dr Scott’s zone approach to treating the whole body accompanied with the spiritual implications of pain and its release.”

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