Johnny Smith Guitar Solos Arrive At Chord Melody Guitar Music

A new collection of Johnny Smith guitar solos transcribed from the original recordings has just arrived at Chord Melody Guitar Music.

Chord Melody Guitar Music has announced the recent arrival of a new collection of guitar solos by the late jazz guitar legend and recording artist Johnny Smith. This new collection of Johnny Smith guitar solos was transcribed note for note from the original Royal Roost and Verve recordings and features Smith’s arrangements of classic standards by famous composers such as Jerome Kern, Duke Ellington, George Gershwin, Richard Rodgers, Jimmy Van Heusen, Paul McCartney, Michel LeGrande, Hoagy Carmichael, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Henry Mancini, Irving Berlin, and Cole Porter.

Aspiring jazz guitarists will now be able to learn entire Johnny Smith guitar arrangements from beginning to end, instead of just learning certain parts of Smith’s solo guitar renditions as has often been the case with past collections. This new collection is presented in standard music notation as well as tab notation along with block chord diagram grids so that all levels of jazz guitar players from beginners to professionals will be able to learn and play his solos. The name of each chord is also included so that the guitarist can start increasing his or her chord vocabulary while he or she is learning to play each solo.

Steven Herron, the president of Chord Melody Guitar Music, who studied classical guitar with Aaron Shearer at Peabody Conservatory of Music commented “Johnny Smith has always been my favorite pick style jazz guitarist. His solo guitar arrangements of jazz and pop standards sound as if they were arranged by some of the great classical composers like Bach, Mozart, and Paganini. No one has ever played jazz guitar on the same level as Johnny Smith and to be able to offer this new collection of his solo guitar arrangements exactly as he played them on his legendary recordings to our existing clientele as well as other aspiring jazz guitarists is just downright monumental!”

Chord Melody Guitar Music has always stocked a large selection of instructional courses for guitar consisting of book/CDs and book/DVDs for all styles including jazz, classical, flamenco, country, blues, rock, and acoustic. The addition of this new collection of note for note Johnny Smith guitar arrangements makes available full length versions of his recorded solos in an easy to read format that can be used by guitarists seeking to expand and enhance their current repertoire of jazz and pop standards arranged for solo jazz guitar.

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