John T. Wayne, Authors Autobiography, An American Heritage

John T. Wayne Author releases autobiography to publisher revealing the true story of life and struggles as the illegitimate grandson of John Wayne, the American Legend..

Paragould, AR, July 3, 2020: John T. Wayne today announced the release to his publisher, his autobiography revealing the true struggles of being the illegitimate grandson of Marion Robert Morrison, known internationally as John Wayne, the famous western movie actor. This autobiography contains the proof that he is John Wayne’s grandson and the life long fight with family John T Wayne has experienced.

John T. says, “I’ve learned more about my true heritage from “The Dukes” fans, who have bought and read my books, than I have from my immediate family or the John Wayne family, who have made certain that I can’t even have a legitimate page in my name on Facebook!”

The true story chronicles the lengths Hollywood will go to in order to cover up the birth of an illegitimate child that they don’t want America or the rest of the world to know about, including the biggest acting legend to ever grace the silver screen, John Wayne.

John T. Wayne continued, “I wrote this book that the world might come to know my father and the Dukes grandson.”

John T Wayne, the grandson of John Wayne (the famous western actor) has completed a series of seven books from “The Gaslight Boys Series.” The series now includes seven historically accurate western novels. The latest western fiction release “Peace In The Valley” is available with an author’s signature direct on the author’s website or can be purchased from Amazon.

About John T. Wayne

John T. Wayne the American Civil War and Historical Western author is the grandson of John Wayne (the actor). Growing up attending schools all over the state of Missouri, John learned the true history of the US Civil War. John is a chip off the old block, believing in God, individual responsibility and the idea of a free America. Following in true Reagan fashion, “A True American”.

John began writing his stories in 1985 while attending the University of Oregon. Leaving Oregon after daughter Kimberly passed and returning home to Missouri. After 30 years of marriage together with Donna, there are incredible stories of traveling together to share.

John is on the road a lot with speaking engagements and book signings. Traveling about 50,000 miles a year and making 50 to 75 western festivals and book signings every year.

About “The Gaslight Boys Series”

John has now published seven western novels telling the story of “The Gaslight Boys.” When the Civil War started there were only two orphanages’ in St. Louis with a growing number of children to care for, the Mullanphy Orphanage and the St. Louis Protestant Orphanage. This is the historically accurate tragic stories of over 100,000 children losing everything, including siblings and parents to become the original “Cowboys”.

The civil war and western novels in “The Gaslight Boys” series includes the following titles: Ol Slantface, Blood Once Spilled, Captain Grimes, Peace In The Valley, Catfish John, Showdown At Scatter Creek, The Treasure Del Diablo.

In John’s words, “These are the stories of the young men and women who grew up to become great, in their own right, men and women of the great society. Some of them became great, some became outlaws, and some died short of the chance.”

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