John Smith Publishing Releases New Review Of P1 Targeting App

John Smith Publishing has released its long awaited review of P1 Targeting App to provide an objective, unbiased critique for consumers in the Online Marketing market. The full review can be found at

John Smith Publishing has released their new review of P1 Targeting App, which is a targeted keyword Research tool from Peter Garety. This review reveals if P1 Targeting App really delivers. The product can be used by just about anyone looking to advertise online or creating content for their website., with it’s key advertised feature; It’s ease of use and ability to search many different sources for keywords such as Google, Bing, Amazon, Ebay, Youtube and more.

The review also shows if P1 Targeting App can help produce time savings and develop new markets. A feature of the software is that it produces a huge amount of targeted keywords from just one or a few seed keywords with competition, cost per click and profitability rating to make it easier and quicker to select the right keyword. This feature allows a large range of uses from small website owners looking for long tail keywords to large corporations preparing a major product launch.,

John Smith Publishing Owner, John Smith, says:

“There are many people considering buying P1 Targeting App and there’s a lot of buzz around its potential benefits in the Online Marketing arena. At John Smith Publishing we aim to provide consumers with the best products and product reviews to help them improve their own businesses’ online marketing., as the internet is getting busier every day and the amount of products available is overwhelming so there is a need to sift through everything and either provide the best products ourselves or direct our visitors to the best sources for other’s products and tools to leave business owners time to concentrate on the rest of their business..”

This review gives an objective analysis of how well P1 Targeting App actually delivers, as well as providing some insights into whether it may be a good value purchase at the current price.

John Smith Publishing was created by John Smith in 2015. John Smith got the idea for the site after the help the founder had from others with developing previous online businesses and he saw a need to put together a website dedicated to helping businesses and individuals make more of their online marketing..

Since it first went online in 2015, John Smith Publishing has published four reviews, including reviews for products specifically in the Online Marketing niche and always aims to help business owners find and select good products to help them by reviewing products carefully and recommending only products they use themselves.

The product review is available to view in full at

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