John Groleau’s book “Navigating the Storm” to launch tomorrow

Financial executive John Groleau will launch his book entitled “Navigating the Storm” on January 13, 2020. Groleau’s book will walk the reader through the path of recovery, sharing strategies for achieving optimum fitness of the body and mind.

(Aurora, IL, January 12, 2021) – Financial executive John Groleau will launch his most anticipated book “Navigating the Storm” on January 13, 2021.

“Navigating the Storm” contains Groleau’s key takeaways after battling a near-death experience due to a heart attack.

Groleau’s physical illness was believed to have been caused by extreme stress and family history of heart disease. Instead of letting the disease drown him, Groleau treated it as a perfect storm, took lessons from it, and became the lifebuoy to others who suffered the same.

“To achieve a truly happy and healthy sequel to your story, you need to connect body, mind, soul, and spirit. If you want to be whole again, you need a holistic approach,” he said.

Groleau has filled the 12 chapters of his book with strategies to help readers regain their top mind and body condition.

“Navigating the Storm” will take a deep dive into the root causes of heart disease and guide readers to develop a plan for full health and wholeness.

Groleau will also provide a clear discussion on stress, one of the main contributing factors to a heart attack. This author will shed light on what triggers stress, its several forms, and how to relieve this emotional and physical tension.

“Navigating the Storm” comes as a complete package towards healing, with Groleau’s recovery method included as a bonus. In addition to fighting heart disease, this book’s extra chapter will enable the reader to navigate the healing journey.

Groleau’s book is available through

Groleau holds a Masters of Science in Financial Services (MSFS) degree and a Masters degree in Theology and Pastoral Care. The founder of Lighthouse Financial Group, Inc., Groleau has 35 years of experience in investment management, retirement planning, and college planning. A specialist in helping parents navigate the college financial process, he is the author of four books including Parents’ College Survival Guide: Planning and Paying for College. He also enjoys public speaking, with scores of presentations, as well as appearances on WGN and CBS News.

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