John Assaraf’s 5 Day Business Breakthrough Challenge Launching

Join John Assaraf's 5 Day Business Breakthrough Challenge and for a limited time, business owners and entrepreneurs can view information for free at

Business owners and entrepreneurs interested in learning more about the details of John Assaraf’s 5 Day Business Breakthrough Challenge can view information on how to attract a flood of qualified buyers and increase your income in 5 days (or less) on the Neurogym website:

John Assaraf, founder of Neurogym, is a business coach and consultant who has built 5 multi million dollar companies in the last 35 years. He has appeared on many major television programs such as Larry King Live and Anderson Cooper, as well as featured in the blockbuster movie “The Secret” and documentary “Quest For Success” with Sir Richard Branson. Today, he specializes in helping individuals and businesses unlock their fullest potential using his coaching programs.

In addition to answering questions increasing income and attracting buyers, Neurogym also covered how to create irresistible offers during the training without having to lower your prices. The challenge reviews, in depth, the psychological triggers that enable clients to buy.

Guy Sohie, COO of a small medical device company, states that working with John and the lessons taught in his breakthrough challenge has helped his company grow annual revenues from $5MM to $17MM.

The full agenda of this challenge includes, but is not limited to:

Creating Irresistible Offers – Learn how to create the offer that fits your ideal client and repels the “problem customers” using marketing tactics that stand out from the crowd. Understand the tactics to earn your prospect’s trust prior to asking them to buy.

Unlock neurological buying triggers – review the science proven methods to get customers to buy. Learn how to use “Neuro-marketing” approaches that connect emotionally with prospects to make them feel safe and secure in their buying decision.

For more information and to register for the challenge, interested business owners and entrepreneurs can visit the website at

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