Joey Gilbert Nevada Gubernatorial Campaign – General Flynn Endorsement Announced

Joey Gilbert's campaign for the 2022 Nevada Governorship polls has announced a recent endorsement from retired Lt. General Michael Flynn ahead of the upcoming primary in the State, strengthening the former boxing champion's candidacy.

The recent endorsement from the former National Security Advisor is a monumental show of support for Joey Gilbert’s campaign, which has already gathered steam across the Silver State.

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General Michael Flynn’s endorsement in a recent video showers encomiums on the intended Republican nominee, citing his qualities as a defender of justice, family values, and truth. The announcement seeks to garner support from conservative Republicans, earning Joey Gilbert a boost at the much-awaited state primaries, which will decide the party’s nominee for the Nevada Governorship election in 2022.

As the 25th US National Security Advisor, retired Lt. General Michael Flynn has had an extensive and successful career filled with patriotic service at the highest level. His endorsement of Joey Gilbert reflects their shared values and serves as a sign of confidence in him as a candidate.

Joey’s campaign slogan – Get in the Fight – echoes his resolve to take a stand for the everyday Nevadan and adequately represent their interests on all fronts.

His campaign focuses on emergency healthcare support, strengthening the public school system, revitalizing Nevada’s mining industry, defending the second amendment and pro-life efforts, facilitating criminal justice reform, and more.

Joey Gilbert has a long history of volunteer work and advocacy for nonprofits, youth groups, and Veterans. In the midst of the recent pandemic, he worked with interest groups to open up eight Nevada counties and churches after unlawful restrictions. His stellar career achievements, family-oriented values, and deep commitment to constitutional rights have earned him a strong reputation in Nevada. His dedication to these qualities has led him to answer the call to serve as Nevada’s next governor.

About Joey Gilbert

Known as “The People’s Champ”, Joey has built a prestigious career as an attorney, professional NCAA boxing champion, four-time all-American, and a US Air Force Veteran.

Acknowledging the endorsement, Joey Gilbert says, “I am honored to receive the endorsement of Lt. General Michael Flynn (Ret.) to be Nevada’s next TRUE conservative Governor. I am a father, a fighter, & a successful entrepreneur who will apply these same strategies & leadership to the State of Nevada, so we can start WINNING again.”

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