Joe Hellow Music Executive – Record Studio/Artist Development Services Updated

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Experienced sound engineer Joe Hellow has announced new updates to the services provided by Polaris Productions Limited. MIXING in the metaverse with Dolby Atmos, he is leading a redesign of the studio for a new generation of artists.

Polaris Recording Studio has established itself as a prominent name in the Motown recording scene. Following 12 years on the road, Joe aims to empower artists through his latest service update.

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Knowing what it takes to make an impact on the industry, he now aims to help more artists to create exciting music while advancing the space through quality recording and audience engagement solutions. The latest move gives more singers access to the tools they need to grow.

Joe is aiming to become an industry-leading music executive and will be developing a stable of artists while helping them to grow their brand. He recently signed Valentina Mami, who has released multiple successful singles throughout the year.

Valentina Mami is highly regarded for her pop voice and exciting dance moves. As a bilingual artist, she is known for her fast rapping pace, which she combines with traditional English club songs to offer a wide-ranging repertoire.

With an eye to the future of the industry, Joe has become an early investor in Conqr, an audience growth platform and some of the top NFT and augmented reality options for artists, which opened him up to mixing in the metaverse. Being one of teh first engineers to mix in Dolby Atmos for Post Malone at the AMAs, Joe has opened up pandora’s box and is fully emmerced in the meta sound mixing.

Joe explains that he was born into the industry, being personally mentored by his father, George Hellow. Now, as he innovates the studio and grows the business, his networking base continues to expand.

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Now that he has signed Valentina Mami, Joe is actively seeking to work with other musicians to expand his stable. Through his skills and experience, he is able to leverage the latest tools and solutions to position artists in the best place for success.

A spokesperson for Polaris states: “At Polaris, we treat all of our clientele with passionate devotion. We strive to give our artists every conceivable edge, incorporating the talents of the music industry’s most promising singers/songwriters, engineers, and producers.”

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