Job Interview Success Guide – Questions/Elevator Pitch Preparation Course Launch

Luis Pinate, an expert in high-performance executive training, is announcing the launch of their online course How to Ace a Job Interview, a step-by-step guide to successful interview preparation.

The team at Agile Consultants Group are specialists in what defines an ideal interviewee. Their new course teaches those having difficulty with the job interview process about the key elements of a successful interview and how to impress the interviewer without appearing nervous, or overly confident.

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Statistics reveal an interview candidate has only seven seconds to make a strong impression. With the launch of their recent course, the experts at Agile Consultants Group are helping job seekers prepare properly for upcoming interviews with the tips and insights they’ll need to outperform their competition.

According to a recent report, while the average number of people who apply for a single job is just under 120, only 20% of applicants will be interviewed.

How to Ace a Job Interview helps today’s job seekers master the interview process to deliver a first-rate performance. Training materials include how-to guides and interactive videos. The course also includes a quiz at the end of each module so participants can measure their progress.

Course modules cover techniques in creating and practicing an elevator pitch, target company research, and demonstrating value. The training also teaches students how to show emotional intelligence, and how to present themselves to convey professionalism and confidence.

How to Ace a Job Interview is taught by Luis Pinate, a corporate executive with over 30 years of experience leading multi-million-dollar deals, mergers, and acquisitions. A specialist in developing markets around the world, Pinate has been a member of multiple incubator companies, accelerators, and startups.

A spokesperson for Agile Consultants Group says, “Our course teaches you how to become an expert interviewee in just two-and-a-half hours. You will learn how to prepare, what questions to ask, what not to say, and how to handle difficult questions so you can sail through discussions like a pro.”

With their newly launched course How to Ace a Job Interview, the experts at Agile Consultants Group are helping today’s job applicants master important interview techniques so they can complete the process professionally and successfully.

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