JJAIBOT Finds Success In Applying AI To Fight The Increasing Air Pollution

AI is finally expanding to improving the air quality of polluted cities, and they will only expand further.

An AI bot, created by the techpreneur Julian Jewel Jeyaraj has successfully used AI to make significant progress in helping the problem of pollution in the world, for which the founder has been awarded with the South India Technology Innovation Award recently.

JJAIBOT, the artificially intelligent bot, gathers data from multiple environmental sectors to help create models that interpret this data accurately. Jeyaraj’s JJAIBOT uses a predictive analytics engine to get information from environmental monitoring stations, weather satellites, topographic maps, economic data, and social media to then create models showing this data. The way this technology gather this data is truly innovative. Inductive-Loop Traffic Detectors are placed onto streets, and these sensors record when a vehicle has passed, how long it took, and where it was recorded.

The air quality is gathered through measuring the mixture of solid particles and liquid droplets found in the air. The AIanalyzes this data and decides which source is reliable, and which is not. When doing this, the end result is an accurate interpretation ultimately outperforming traditional climate reports. The models show air pollution and the risks that certain areas possess. While gathering the data, atmospheric and ocean dynamics, and ocean and atmospheric chemistry are included to further hone in on the specifics of air pollution. The geographics of each area is also taken into account, such as the lengths of roads and open spaces.

JJAIBOT teaches the models to adapt to conditions such as temperature, wind speed, and geography to optimize the models and stay up to date. They even clean through data that is deemed at unuseable. It is trained to collect and create accurate data models that take into account every aspect of an area. These models can then be used to fight air pollution and inform others of the air quality in areas. People can receive alerts telling them to take the necessary precautions when entering an area. These forecasts are designed to watch emissions also, so governments and businesses have a real portrayal of how vehicles are contributing to air pollution. This technology is specifically targeted to those in New Delhi, which is the capital of India. The air quality has only gotten worse, and the citizens are suffering because of it in many major cities. Certain events can trigger major health problems, and JJAIBOT helps prevent that. Their data analysis tracks dangerous events in air quality that can be harmful to residents. It also brings awareness to the air quality and how each citizen is contributing to it. People and the system in most places do not realize just how bad it is getting.

Since JJAIBOT tracks traffic as well as air quality, people are opening up to the emissions they are producing. Even business and government organisations are able to look at the data models and see what they must change. AI is finally expanding to improving the air quality of polluted cities, and they will only expand further. Replacing traditional weather forecasts is long overdue, as there are many flaws and information they cannot process without the help of AI to do so.

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