Jim Stuglis Wins the Junk Car Chicago’s 2018 Car Buyer of the Year Award

Chicago Junk Car honored Jim Stuglis with the 2018 Salesman of the Year Award for outstanding sales revenue numbers and purchasing the most junk cars and trucks in the United States.

Jim Stuglis was honored with the 2018 Junk Car Chicago’s Buyer of the Year Award for outstanding sales revenue numbers. By purchasing more than 10,000 cars in one calendar year, Mr. Stuglis bought more cars and trucks than any other salesperson in the history of the firm.

Every year Junk Car Chicago gives this special award to its most productive employee. “Jim has shown tremendous commitment to his craft over the past several years”, said Faith Murphy, VP of Customer Service.

Mike Costigan was quoted as saying; “In Jim’s duties as a car buyer, he has repeatedly shown his excellence at customer acquisition and making sure the customer gets their car picked up on time. He’s also liked and admired by both customers and staff. These are all qualities Chicago Junk Car holds in especially high regard”.

Chicago Junk Car gives the Salesman of the Year Award, because it believes the most important element in its business after its customers are its employees.

Sue Costigan, Co-Founder of Junk Car Chicago said: “Many companies rarely show any appreciation to their employees at all. But here at Chicago Junk Car, we like to recognize the great work our employees do and show them that we are paying attention and giving them the recognition, they so richly deserve for the hard work they do every day.”

“Jim Stuglis is a fantastic worker with a great attitude. He makes sure that we keep our A+ ranking with the Better Business Bureau and is a pleasure for his fellow staff to work with. Every day he shows that he really cares about getting the most money possible for the customer and is always willing to go the extra mile.”

“Jim displays exactly what we stand for at Chicago Junk Car…making sure that the customer comes first. We’re especially proud of Jim Stuglis for that. He’s a very deserving award winner.”

Chicago Junk Car is a car buying company that pays cash for cars all over the United States. They buy any and all vehicles no matter the age, condition, or history. To avoid any confusion, the company always needs a VIN number even buying a junk car, in order to be able to give the customer the best possible price for their car.

More information about Chicago Junk Car and the honored 2018 Salesman of the Year winner is available at http://www.junkcarchicago.com/

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