Jillian Sidoti asks followers for worthy grant recipients.

As a way of giving back, Jillian Sidoti turned to her followers to request nominations of candidates for grants for the Last Life Ever Foundation. She received a plethora of worthy nominations and ended up making varied gifts to a large number of deserving recipients.

Jillian Sidoti, co-founder of the Last Life Ever Foundation, took an interesting approach to gift giving over the 2020 holiday season. Rather than attempting to figure out who had the greatest needs, she turned to her podcast listeners and other online followers and asked them a unique, yet important question: “Who do you know whose life could be made better?” The responses poured in from a variety of sources and were quite broad in both scope and creativity. From small yet thoughtful gifts such as Starbucks’ gift cards and See’s candy boxes to gift baskets for dozens of families made up the bulk of the smaller grants. The Last LIfe Ever Foundation took it much farther however. A number of families needed direct economic help. Through her website, www.JillianSidoti.com, and her Twitter and Instagram accounts, (https://twitter.com/JillianSidoti & https://www.instagram.com/jiveysidoti/?hl=en, Jillian heard about families who could not pay their rent, mortgage or even a car payment. On a case by case basis, Jillian and her team evaluated each request carefully and ended up making 40 substantial grants to families in need, making their holiday season just a little bit brighter. It was a heartfelt effort that truly made a huge difference for all of the recipients, each of whom expressed deep gratitude to all involved.

The Last Life Ever Foundation is a non-profit arm of www.LastLifeEver.com, a podcast and company dedicated to helping people live the best version of their lives. They provide information, guidance and mentorship on a variety of topics such as goal setting, philanthropy and giving back, learning and incremental improvement, avoiding bad days and playing in a space of wonder, among others. The organization, under the leadership of Jillian Sidoti, is committed to leading by example and demonstrating that better living and a better life are possible for anyone committed to paying attention and doing the work.

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