Jexet Technology of Chicago Offers Advice When Hiring an IT Consultant

When looking for an IT Consulting company in Chicago, there are some basic ways to ensure the project stays on task. Jexet Technology uses these principles when doing an IT project for a client in Chicago.

Chicago IT services provider Jexet Technology would like to offer useful advice on heading off blunders that happen with commonplace IT installation projects. Jexet hopes that their hard-earned knowledge will aid others and keep them from repeating the same mistakes with five great tips for taking care of IT services projects in Chicago.

Results from a 2012 study at McKinsey Oxford showed that 45 percent of IT projects exceed their expected budget. Executives searched for the source of these issues and determined four basic ways that IT projects get thrown off course.

1. Six percent stated there was a problem with competence due to required skills lacking in team members.

2. 13 percent explained the failure of projects due to goals that were not made clear before the beginning of such projects.

3. 11 percent pointed out that there were problems with execution, including unworkable expectations and installation mistakes that heightened difficulties.

4. Nine percent said that the sphere of the project shifted and introduced complicated technical factors that surpassed the team’s readiness.

In addition to these central factors, six percent listed unidentified causes. In any case, the fact that nearly half of all projects exceed their monetary allocation introduces major issues for businesses who pay for their IT services in Chicago, especially for those companies that are on a restricted budget.

Jexet Technology has hopes to let Chicago businesses learn from the mistakes they’ve made in the past; they’ve learned how to keep projects on course from managing multiple IT service situations. Their experience can benefit others and help them avoid unexpected increases in cost and stay on plan.

To help companies stay on point, Jexet Technology has put together five tips that will keep businesses from forking over more money than they originally planned to when it comes to an IT service project.

1. Get everything in writing first. The contract should clearly state expectations and budgeted costs. If the installation involves VoIP or the company is working with data backup, summarize expectations before signing a purchase agreement.

2. Put together a team that has all the needed resources and training to finish the job all the way to the end. 

3. Never estimate low figures just to gain approval for the project. This is a sure failure because chances are that the real figures will be higher.

4. Get good subcontractors for the job. If the business needs to shore up some things, bringing in an experienced subcontractor, such as Jexet, is a huge benefit. It allows team enhancement without investing in another employee. 

5. Even with extreme caution, issues still arise. That’s why it’s smart to have a backup fund of around 15 percent. If the project needs it, it won’t be a problem.

Jexet Technology, located at 401 S. LaSalle St. Suite 1203, Chicago, IL 60605, offers a variety of IT services like data backup, VoIP, IT consulting services and tech support. To reach them, visit their website at or call (312) 651-6304 for details on the services they provide.

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