Jewish Funerals and Burials Provided to Thurmont, MD

For dignified Jewish funerals and burials in Thurmont, Maryland, please use Black's Funeral Homes. More information can be found at

Black’s Funeral Homes provide dignified Jewish funeral and burial services to the Thurmont, Maryland community. The funeral directors there offer both traditional and non-traditional services and can assist those making funeral pre-arrangements or making urgent need plans. The funeral professionals of Black’s Funeral Homes encourage families to discuss their funeral and burial choices with their Rabbi. Jewish funeral services are serious religious events that are designed to reflect the dignity of the departed and his or her family. Please visit and look under Jewish Services to learn about Jewish funeral customs, services and more. Readers are also able to access an online selection of wooden caskets to be used in the interment.

Traditionally, embalming, viewing the deceased, cremation, above ground entombment, flowers and music are not part of Jewish final arrangements. Traditional Jewish law does mandate a watch over the loved one from the time of the passing. This can be done by a family member or another designated person. At Black’s Funeral Homes, the funeral director usually assigns a religiously observant Jew to watch over the deceased so that the loved one is never left alone. Additionally, there is to be a ritual washing of the departed by members of the Burial Society or by religiously and physically qualified Jewish persons. This service can be arranged by the funeral directors of Black’s Funeral Homes for an additional fee. The deceased is buried in traditional white burial clothing that is all white to represent the equality of all people in the view of the creator. Black’s Funeral Homes offer a wide range of all-wood caskets that biodegrade, in keeping with the Biblical teaching that people are made of and return to dust. Burial is to take place as soon as possible after the death, where family and friends fill the grave until they form a mound. It is considered an honor to assist in filling the grave. Please note that the above list of requirements may differ depending on the branch of Judaism followed. Please also feel free to contact Black’s Funeral Homes at 1-240-288-1300 to discuss Jewish customs.

Black’s Funeral Homes offer two Jewish Funeral Service Packages. The Same Day Funeral Package includes a funeral held at the family’s synagogue, the Thurmont chapel or another appropriate setting. It features the basic services of the funeral director and supporting staff, the preparation for religious washing, casketing, transportation of remains to the funeral home, hearse usage, the use of staff for the funeral service, a cotton burial shroud and more. There is also a Graveside Service Package offering similar services. Please count on Black’s Funeral Home for a professional Jewish funeral service and burial.

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