Jewish Funeral Services Provided to Harrison, New York and the Surrounding Areas

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Zion Memorial Chapel will continue doing what this firm has always done, serving others and keeping costs lower than the conglomerate funeral homes.

Funerals are as old as human culture itself. Evidence of intentional human burials can be traced back 1000,000 years ago. Then and now, traditional funerals serve the purpose of comforting the remaining family by allowing a space where family and friends can grieve the deceased. Funerals are the first step in the grieving process because they offer a space for family and friends to connect and share their loss. Loved ones can share memories of the deceased and find closure in the shared space that a funeral service provides. A traditional Jewish funeral service has remained unchanged for the last four thousand years.

Traditionally, a Jewish funeral is held within 24 hours after death, although there are many exceptions to this tradition. Before a burial can occur the body must be washed in a ritual known as the tahara, prayers are recited as this ritualistic washing occurs. In accordance with Jewish laws, male funeral attendants must was males and female funeral attendants wash females. During the funeral, family members typically tear their own clothes as a show of grief, this is called the kriah. The kavod is the following of the deceased to their final resting place. During the kavod, the attendance at the funeral home or chapel will recite psalms and tell positive stories of the deceased. The burial or kevurah takes place in Jewish cemetery with the recitation of Kaddish and other prayers. After the burial, those in attendance at the gravesite will create a pathway for the family and mourners to walk through and leave. This is called the nechama.

Today, Jewish families searching for a funeral home in Harrison, New York can turn to Zion Memorial Chapel to ensure that their loved one’s memories are remembered, cherished, and treasured. The staff’s knowledge of diverse customs, cultures, and faiths helps serve the individual needs of families. Zion Memorial Chapel strives to keep funeral costs within reason so that services are economical and customizable for any budget. The goal of Zion Memorial Chapel is to help people fulfill their loved one’s wishes, arrange a personal and meaningful service, and for those who wish to plan their funeral ahead of time to put together personalized pre-arrangements. Zion Memorial Chapel knows that when a loved one passes, it is easy for families to want to rush through decisions and plan the funeral as quickly as possible. Families do this because they feel that doing this will help them avoid any feelings of sadness and discomfort associated with planning a funeral. Zion Memorial Chapel wants families to know that planning a funeral is the first step in the grieving process. Zion Memorial Chapel will guide families in planning and conducting a funeral service for their loved one.

Zion Memorial Chapel will continue doing what this firm has always done, serving others, tending to detail, and keeping costs lower than the conglomerate funeral homes. It’s a simple formula that has meant a great deal to the families that Zion Memorial Chapel has served.

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