Jetsu Technology Unveil New Passive Trader Income, BeWiseTrader Opportunity

Jetsu Technology unveiled their new Passive Trader Income opportunity for those who wish to build a passive income business through sports trading predictions at BeWiseTrader. This provides a unique passive income, all trades are carried out by Professional Traders and customers share in the profits.

London, UK – June 15th, 2015 – Jetsu Technology has launched a new opportunity for those who wish to build a passive income business through sports trading predictions. BeWiseTrader, originally launched in May 2015, is a unique passive business opportunity based around sports trading predictions. In order to profit from this opportunity, users will not have to understand anything about the way in which sport trading works. The BeWiseTrader Opportunity from Passive Trader Income has ensured that this is a truly passive business opportunity.

Users of the BeWiseTrader system are able to purchase a share in the business profits, with a variety of different package options available. This ensures that people are able to find the perfect business opportunity for their budget.

The BeWiseTrader system is based around profit sharing. Professional Sports Traders will be carrying out the sport prediction trading on the behalf of clients each and every month. Customers of BeWiseTrader do not need to understand anything about sports trading to succeed, although there are trading options and training available.

This passive business opportunity will generate residual income each month. The amount earned will be based around the level that the customer has purchased, as well as the success of the business during that particular month. Everyone is able to make significant returns on their initial purchases, recouping their full payment within just a few short months of purchasing into the system. After this, everything, bar a small monthly tip fee each month, will be pure profit going into your bank balance.

Unlike other ‘passive income’ opportunities, customers will not need to do any work in order to make a return on their money. There is no recruitment required, no tasks to complete on a daily basis, and absolutely no selling beyond the initial payment. Jeff McCready, director at Jetsu Technology today said “this is the easiest passive income opportunity ever. We know that people just want to sit back and make money in the easiest possible manner. We tested the opportunity and know how well it works; we will only promote systems we use ourselves, our key focus is to ensure that people will continue to make a hefty return on their initial plan.”

About Jetsu Technology

The Jetsu Technology brand was initially launched in Asia. However, the company now offers business opportunities such as Passive Trader Income for the BeWiseTrader Opportunity around the globe.

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