Jetsu Launches Submersible Aquarium Heater at an Exciting Discount on Amazon

The submersible aquarium heater is designed for fish tank aquarium owners who want to maintain and stabilize the water temperature for their fish with a guarantee of quality and delivery.

Jetsu Technology, a leading supplier of fun technology products in Asia has launched its brand new and innovative Submersible Aquarium Heater for aquarium owners around the globe. The 300 watt Submersible Aquarium Heater is ideal for aquariums with saltwater or freshwater. The product is currently available at an exciting discount on Sharing more information about the product, a spokesperson at Jetsu clarified, “The Submersible Aquarium Heater was the first addition to our new range of Aquarium supplies. The product is of the highest quality, it is very durable as well as affordable at the same time. The highly innovative heater is one of our finest creations and excellent for aquarium owners who wish to keep their fish safe and healthy.”

It must be noted that the fully submersible aquarium heater is made from strong quartz glass and comes with a 150cm cable. The heater is ideal for aquarium owners who wish to maintain ideal water temperature for their fish and creatures. Fish often suffer from health problems, stress and even face death when the water temperature isn’t appropriate. With Jetsu’s submersible aquarium heater, fish tank owners will easily be able to maintain water temperatures anywhere between 20°C to 34°C (65°F~93°F). The product is excellent for aquariums around 60-75 gallons in size. It also comes with a temperature conversion table, which makes it easier for aquarium owners to maintain the right water temperatures for their fish.

The product is easy to maintain and clean, and it comes with a twelve months warranty, which makes it a fantastic choice for people who want to keep their fish safe and healthy. The Submersible Aquarium heater can be easily installed and is also ideal for aquaculture, hydroponic and terrarium systems. It features a shatter-resistant tube and is much more durable in comparison to the conventional glass heaters. Jetsu also offers a replacement heater should the product stop functioning anytime during the one year warranty period. The company also offers a thirty day money back guarantee in case customers find the product to be faulty or unsatisfactory. For more information about the product or to shop for the heater visit

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