Jesus Christ Religious Documentary Faith Exploration Holiday Series Launched

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A religious documentary series exploring Jesus Christ has been launched ahead of Christmas. The team behind the Christ Revealed series explain it is ideal for those who want to deepen their faith.

A religious documentary series focused on Jesus Christ has been launched in time for the festive season. The Christ Revealed series is aimed at individuals and families around the world who want to celebrate in the life, story, and teachings of Jesus Christ.

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The newly launched Christ Revealed documentary series brings together history, evidence, and the inspirational story of Jesus Christ on a global scale. The team behind the series explain it will answer the most pressing contemporary questions around Jesus Christ, including the controversial subject of the resurrection.

Individuals who watch the series will have the opportunity to deepen their faith and find the answers to all their questions about who He really was. The team behind Christ Revealed add that it provides an unprecedented look at Jesus Christ and spans the globe.

It contains critical and inspiring information designed to bring people together over the festive period, which is why the documentary series can be viewed online. In addition to history and religion, the series offers people escapism from the comfort of their own home.

This is because the unique series explores Jerusalem to enable viewers to follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ including where He lived and what He taught. Over the course of nine days a new episode will be available each day.

The first episode will be available from December 15th with a new one being released each day until December 23rd. To celebrate the first episode airing, the team are hosting an online event that is free to sign up to and aims to bring people together.

Due to the style of filming, viewers will feel like they are standing at the tomb where one of the most significant events in the history of mankind took place explain the team.

A spokesperson said: “Faith is under attack like never before, which is why this docuseries presents astonishing facts on the validity of Christ and the Resurrection. We aim to offer you a message of hope and inspiration for these challenging times.”

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