Jersey Shore AirBnB Alternative Summer Beach Vacation Service Launched

A new vacation rental property booking service has been launched by Shore Summer Rentals. They connect renters with vacation properties in Jersey Shore, Delaware, and Ocean City.

Shore Summer Rentals has launched a new alternative service to AirBnB that streamlines the vacation booking process for anyone wanting a summer trip to the beach. They are a company who cuts out the middleman between a homeowner who is willing to rent out their house, and the renter.

More information can be found at: Shore Summer Rentals – New Jersey Vacation Rentals

The team explains that with their newly launched service, renters can save money through booking with private parties.

In addition to this, the homeowner saves money by listing through their private website. They also don’t have to pay state and vacation fees, or the fees that AirBnB or VRBO take.

Shore Summer Rentals highlights that renters can save $655 on a $2,500 weekly rental. This goes up to $1,310 on a $5,000 weekly rental.

Properties are available across the Jersey Shore, Delaware, and Ocean City, MD. This means that there is something for everyone browsing the Shore Summer Rentals website.

Whether renters are looking to have a family vacation, a yearly trip with old friends, or a high school senior vacation, they will find a beachside deal to pick.

Taking a beachside vacation can lead to memories that people cherish for a lifetime. With the launch of the new service from Shore Summer Rentals, it’s easier than ever to book and avoid AirBnB fees.

The team highlights that rentals are secured through and renters do not pay booking fees.

Another key benefit is that the owner has full control over the booking, so the renter doesn’t have to deal with sales reps or account managers.

The company states: “We are a local owned business offering a large variety of Shore Rentals. We are not a faceless public corporation looking only to generate profits and our bottom line. Our goal is to secure the most rental income possible for all our owners for a fraction of what our competitors charge, providing you a huge return on your investment. It is possible to book most if not all of your rentals using Shore Summer Rentals.”

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