Jeremy Whitley Next Level Trucking Investment Career Development Growth Launched

A new trucking program has been launched by Next Level Trucking with the aim of helping drivers to become business owners. It is a low liability venture opportunity where NLT will handle the turnkey work.

A new program has been launched by Jeremy Whitley to help aspiring trucking business owners to launch their new career. The Next Level Trucking program streamlines the process of trucking business creation and allows drivers to join the road within 90 days.

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Next Level Trucking is a minority woman-owned logistics company, and they aim to set a new standard in the trucking industry with their latest venture. Through their turnkey semi-truck program, they handle all logistics for aspiring business owners.

This helps to make it easier for truck owners to create their business. The Next Level Trucking team will handle all the organizational requirements of the business, including hiring drivers and signing contracts. Clients are able to therefore get driving faster.

Jeremy Whitley is the Director of Business Development and has helped the new program to launch successfully. The NLT program aims to make it easier for all truck owners to achieve success within the industry.

Signing up for the program is a way for truckers to invest in themselves and develop their future career prospects. Drivers are able to take their career to new heights and stand more chance of success in the trucking industry as a business owner.

Jeremy Whitley states: “Whether you are an investor looking to become a fleet owner or a driver looking to be an owner operator, this program was designed for you. We have strategically partnered with major carriers, businesses, agents and brokers to develop this program.”

The aim of the program is to present drivers with a risk-free solution to their business ownership goals. While NLT will handle all the turnkey work, the driver themselves owns the collateral.

Research shows that the trucking industry is one of the most in-demand fields in the US. Next Level Trucking strives to be an innovator in this space. Business ownership with NLT is well suited to professionals who have savings, but want to operate a business with low personal liability.

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