Jenna Lee Blogger – Anxiety Natural Remedies/Holistic Health Report Launched

Holistic Health Talks, an online forum for living a mentally and physically well life, has released a new report detailing natural ways to minimize stress and anxiety.

The new report, authored by established online health blogger and commentator Jenna Lee, details eight ways to naturally reduce these harmful states of mind.

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The release of the guide coincides with the latest report from the National Institute of Mental Health, which indicates that 1 in 5 Americans are currently living with a mental illness.

Most prevalent amongst these mental illnesses are anxiety disorders, which will affect over 30% of American adults at some stage in their life.

As more Americans have to cope with the impacts of clinical anxiety, which can include restlessness, sleeplessness and feelings of unhappiness and depression, Holistic Health Talks wants to stress that there are simple and natural remedies that can notably improve one’s quality of life.

As such, the report’s author, Jenna Lee, advocates for regular physical exercise as a starting point to reducing the negative repercussions of an overly anxious mind state.

The exercise does not need to be vigorous or intensive. Even light exercise, such as walking or yoga, can induce a state of calm and trigger the release of endorphins in the body.

Lee also suggests that people suffering from anxiety can benefit from reducing their caffeine intake and avoiding cigarettes and alcohol.

Another area the report discusses is nutrition. Foods that are high in added sugars, and that contain chemical additives and preservatives such as aspartame and monosodium glutamate (MSG), have been linked in recent studies to anxiety, depression and mood changes.

In accordance with the holistic mantra of Holistic Health Talks, the report, therefore, offers readers advice on how to adopt a more nutrient-rich, whole-foods focused, organic and healthy diet.

Should these areas of advice not resonate for readers, Lee also provides the tools for newcomers to begin a meditation and breath practice, with a supporting how-to video.

Holistic Health Talks was founded by Jenna Lee and is committed to providing holistic health news, natural remedies and the latest alternative health tools.

A spokesperson for the platform said of the new report, “When anxiety takes over your life, it is difficult to handle it. Luckily, there are natural ways to fight anxiety and improve your life. If you don’t want to use drugs to manage your anxiety problems, our report is designed to educate readers on natural anxiety remedies.”

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