Jenn Campbell Launches Luxury Lifestyle Series On Post-Pandemic Coping And Hope

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Diary of a Social Gal has announced the launch of an essay series by Jenn Campbell on coping with and growing from the challenges presented by the current pandemic

Diary of a Social Gal, a Montreal-based lifestyle magazine and website, has announced the launch of a reflective essay series on the lessons to be taken from the current global pandemic. Authored by the magazine’s founder, Jenn Campbell, the series takes a positive approach to the current health crisis by extracting lighthearted wisdom from the challenges it has presented.

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The launch of the essay series aims to provide a refreshing perspective on handling the challenges presented by the current pandemic and give readers an opportunity to smile in the face of hardship.

As restrictions were imposed during the pandemic, many read books and magazines to get relief from the resultant stress. In addition to stress reduction, reading has a host of other benefits, including increased happiness, improved focus, and protection from mental decline. Finally, reading can help develop new ways of thinking, as reading others’ perspectives can provide unique insights.

The most recent entry in the pandemic-related essay series, entitled “Life Lesson 11: The Power of Hope,” aims to provide such perspective-shifting content. With her unmistakable, lively style, Campbell’s essay ensures readers that “there is always hope” despite the current obstacles.

In better times, Diary of a Social Gal focuses on glamorous social events and inspiring people, among other topics. The company also produces physical copies of the magazine and tabletop books with fun and illuminating contents. Jenn Campbell, Editor in Chief of the publication, has a long, successful writing history, as she wrote for HELLO! Magazine and The Montreal Gazette prior to starting her own magazine.

Campbell’s new essay series on the lessons she has taken from the current pandemic is reflective of the fun, light tone of the Diary of A Social Gal magazine that has attracted so many readers.

The magazine’s team takes pride in the wide variety of topics that it covers, and a spokesperson for the company said: “We’re obsessed with solid fashion, fine eats, sexy escapes, the best in fitness and health trends, motivating quotage, good pop and other culture, celebrity fabulousness, and the whole luxury lifestyle landscape in general.”

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