Jefferson NJ Residential Roof Estimates Roofing & Counter Flashing Site Launched

A new site focusing on of affordable, top quality residential and replacement roofing services has been launched. The site is ideal for anybody that needs work doing to roofing in their homes.

A new site has been launched offering a variety of affordable, top quality residential and replacement roofing services. Licensed Roofing Estimates offers roofing services from cornice roofing and counter flashing, to frieze board roofing. The site is ideal for anyone that needs some roofing work done.

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Licensed Roofing Estimates is a company that is dedicated to offering an honest estimate and delivering a promise of quality work. The company is known for reliability, great communication, integrity and doing the best to keep customers educated as the work is completed.

Customers will find that there are various different roofing services available on the site. For instance, cornice roofing services are available, which is a decoration focused roofing style which also needs to be factored in with the estimate.

A cornice style roof may function to direct and throw rainwater off of a building, guiding it away from walls, windows and doors. In most cases, this is done by projecting the gales ends and roof eaves as well as using gutters.

In addition to this, they also offer Counter Flashing. The purpose of this method of roofing is to prevent moisture from entering a vertical sidewall or headwall. The roof is designed to shed water off a wall and down onto a roofing surface.

This type of roofing is popular, but when incorrectly applied, can result in moisture intrusion from drying, cracking and shrinking of the counter flashing. Counter flashing is the first line of defense against water getting into buildings, which makes it critical to choose the best counter flashing system from roofers.

Frieze Board is another service that is offered, which is a term used in architecture for a transition piece. When frieze board is used in residential construction, it refers to boards placed flat against walls that cover up gaps between the top of siding, brick and soffit. This can be a decorative board and are usually anywhere from 2 inches to 6 inches wide.

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