Jazz Piano/Percussion/Vocal Version CD of The “Songs of Songs” Original Jazz

Sarah James Jazz Announces the Re-Release of "Song of Songs" February 1, 2022 On The Kilamanjaro Disques Jazz Record label. Original Music with Adapted Translation from Ariel Bloch and Chana Bloch

Customers looking for an exceptional Jazz Piano/Percussion/Vocal Version CD of The Songs of Songs From The Bible are now able to purchase Song of Songs: Piano/Percussion/Voice by Sarah James Jazz Merch.

Sarah James, Creator, Artist and Chief Bottle Washer at Sarah James Jazz Merch has just re-released the recording of “Song of Songs”: with Piano/Percussion/Voice’s.

Song of Songs: Piano/Percussion/Voice is designed to appeal specifically to anyone who loves The Bible, Spirituality, Easter, Jazz Versions of The 8 Verses From The Song of Songs.

The “Song of Songs” Created with a Jazz Feeling – The Songs of Songs is the most sensual and decidedly personal statement in the Bible regarding relationships. Known and loved by people of all faiths, The Song of Songs has a long history of interpretations, some more delicate and sensuous than others.

Customers who buy Song of Songs: Piano/Percussion/Voice will enjoy this particular music because here we have a version with an adapted translation by Sarah James, vocalist and producer of the project. The original translation by Ariel Bloch and Chana Block, he a professor and she,a poet, is full of sensual imagery and deliciousness.

Add to the mix the ethereal and lush original compositions by NY jazz piano master John Dimartino, the exotic and unique percussion of Hearn Gadbois, and the voice of Derrick McQueen and you have an intoxicating project that is meditative, spiritual, and relaxing.

The “Song of Songs”, also known as The Song of Solomon is available for downloads. Each track can be downloaded separately from the website, and the whole project is also available there. It is not available on Spotify or other online retailers. Available only on the artist’s website. Go directly to the artist’s website https://sarahjames.com/song-of-songs-compositions-and-text-from-the-bible .

Fans and customers will likely appreciate this because the music business has changed so dramatically over the last 10 years. All proceeds go to the artists. Record companies are no longer engaged in the recording of artists’ records like they used to be. This is a good thing, but also a bad thing. In the old days, record companies paid the artist for their tracks and then did all the distribution, payments to songwriters, marketing, and touring arrangements. This was great for the moment, but the companies then ended up owning the artist’s material and if the content was popular, the artist usually never saw another dime. If the content wasn’t a big hit, most times it is impossible for the artist to regain control of their content.

Now, many artists are recording their own material and leasing it to be distributed and marketed, but retaining the rights to their music. It is an exciting, challenging time to see how the music industry has changed.

“The Song of Songs”: aka The “Song of Solomon” Re-release in 2022 with this Jazz Version – is produced by the artists, the translation has been adapted by Sarah James, and all the music is co-arranged by Sarah James and John Dimartino. The music is composed by John Dimartino. The vocals are improvised by Derrick McQueen and Sarah James and the percussion is composed by Hearn Gadbois.

This is great news for the consumer as this is truly a collaborative effort. There are no “middlemen” here! The music is designed to give the listener an effortless listening experience while gaining insight into a very sexy, sensual aspect of the Bible rarely emphasized by traditional spiritual service organizations. All the proceeds go to the producer and a portion of which goes back to the artists.

Sarah James, when asked about Song of Songs: Piano/Percussion/Voice said:

“When I discovered these passages from the Bible I was amazed at the love vibe that was so sexy and yet spiritual at the same time. I really wanted to record something beautiful to bring the Song of Songs to a new audience of people”.

“This is one of 15 CD’s that the label has produced. We are particularly excited about this CD because The “Song of Songs” is a truly inspirational piece of music and text, we hope you will check the music out!


Those interested in learning more about the business can do so on the business website at http://www.sarahjames.com

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