Jazz Guitar Solos By George Benson Arrive At Chord Melody Guitar Music

A new collection of George Benson jazz guitar solos has just arrived at Chord Melody Guitar Music.

Chord Melody Guitar Music has just announced the arrival of a new collection of instructional DVDs and tab books that contain jazz guitar solos as played by recording artist and jazz guitar legend George Benson. This recently added collection of unique George Benson solos was meticulously transcribed note for note from numerous recordings that span the entire career of the famous jazz guitarist. Benson’s chord melody arrangements and single note improvised solos are from his renditions of famous songs by Cole Porter, Jerome Kern, Irving Berlin, Duke Ellington, Henry Mancini, George Gershwin, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Richard Rodgers, Hoagy Carmichael, Jimmy Van Heusen, and Michel LeGrande.

With past collections, advancing jazz guitarists were only able to learn certain sections of George Benson’s jazz guitar solos. With this new collection, guitar players are presented with the entire arrangement from beginning to end including all of Benson’s chord melody solos, single note improvised solos, and back up comping chords that he plays when he is singing. One of the instructional DVDs in the collection features George himself teaching his elaborate solo guitar arrangements of “Danny Boy”, “Tenderly”, and “The Days Of Wine And Roses”. All of the guitar parts are written out in standard notation for guitarists who know how to read music and tab notation for those who don’t, which makes this new collection accessible to anyone.

Steven Herron, who studied classical guitar with Aaron Shearer at Peabody Conservatory Of Music, is the president of Chord Melody Guitar Music. He recently commented “George Benson is a true jazz guitar virtuoso and a very creative musician. I’ve always loved his playing and never get tired of hearing him improvise. Being able to offer this new collection of his famous jazz guitar solos exactly as he played them on his legendary recordings to all of the jazz guitarists on the internet is very cool and I have to admit that I’m going to be learning a lot of these solos myself!”

A large selection of instructional courses for all styles of guitar has always been stocked at Chord Melody Guitar Music. These courses consist of book/DVDs and book/CDs and cover various types of music like jazz, classical, blues, country, flamenco, bossa nova, acoustic, and rock. For guitarists seeking to expand their current repertoire of solo jazz guitar arrangements of famous standards, this new collection of full length George Benson solos transcribed note for note from his numerous recordings will go a long way in making that possible due to their easy to read standard notation and tab notation formats.


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