Jay Boyer Childrens Book Formula Amazon Best-Seller Writer Strategies Launched

Jay Boyer, announced the launch of a revolutionary training program for aspiring children's book writers, called Children's Book Formula. The 8-week long training course features expert strategies for writing, publishing and promoting books on Amazon and creating passive income streams.

Best-selling children’s author and publisher, Jay Boyer, announced the release of a new training course, called Children’s Book Formula. The program is designed to help students learn how to create and sell more books, grow their author platform and create new passive income streams.

More information about the Children’s Book Formula course topics and materials can be found at http://weseeresults.com/CBF03/index.html

Children’s Book Formula is perfect for people who are interested in writing children’s books, learning new life-changing skills and strategies for marketing their books, growing their author platform and successfully publishing on Amazon.

The creator of the course is Jay Boyer, who is an internet marketing expert, Udemy instructor and publishing consultant who has walked the talk: he has worked on and has successfully released numerous best-selling children’s books and training courses.

The program features a comprehensive guide on how to start writing children’s books: it is an exclusive 8-week training program that provides access to Kindle’s best-selling list and many proven strategies for conducting marketing research and finding royalty-free images for the promotional campaigns and the books.

Students will learn how they can build their own publishing company; what software they can use to collect their creative ideas, outline the book material and draft the book content itself.

Participants in the program receive expert recommendations on how they can build a fan base and find potential buyers and readers even before their book is released.

The training can help children and adults alike learn how to supplement their self-publishing income and grow their writing networks. Some parents use the course as an opportunity to help their children develop valuable information about recurring passive income and writing skills that boost their self-esteem and can benefit them all the way through college. Younger users report that they have managed to learn new writing techniques and marketing skills that improved their performance in school and help them earn money for college.

Students are trained on how to choose a topic that children will be interested to explore and how to prepare a professional author bio that will help them build credibility and present their expertise on a particular topic.

Jay Boyer and his powerful training course Children’s Book Formula empower users to become successful children’s book authors.

Interested parties are invited to join a free webinar by Jay Boyer and learn more about his training course at http://weseeresults.com/CBF03/index.html .

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