Jarvis AI Automated Marketing Content Generator/Optimization Software Launched

Texas-based tech company Conversion.ai has announced the release of Jarvis, an artificial intelligence program that utilizes expert knowledge and industry best-practices to instantly write engaging and SEO-friendly copy to boost conversion and ROI.

Conversion.ai, an Austin, Texas-based technology company, has announced the release of Jarvis, a new program that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to write high-quality marketing copy. The automated writing software generates writes content for blogs, social media ads and posts, marketing emails, and more. Jarvis allows online businesses to create high-conversion content that adheres to the best practices of online writing, without the need for professional copywriters.

More information can be found at: https://writersblockcure.com

The newly launched AI content software has been trained by expert copywriters and conversion experts, who have provided the artificial intelligence program with specific rules and models to follow to write highly engaging copy that increases conversion and ROI. After choosing the copy format, Jarvis requires product and brand information to generate content.

The program is sensitive to specific directions, including word counts, demographics, desired writing style and tone, resulting in highly targeted content. The program generates multiple headline options, ensures accurate grammar, and can translate copy into over 11 languages.

Jarvis uses artificial intelligence to assist users with brainstorming blog topics and outlines, creative storytelling to engage customers, and the creation of compelling product descriptions. The program can also be used to adjust and improve existing copy. Jarvis will rewrite the copy to make it SEO-friendly, improve readability, or increase social media compatibility. It can expand short sentences into longer ones, or rephrase text to lower grade levels depending on the target audience.

The announcement of Jarvis continues Conversion.ai’s commitment to improving business operations, raising conversion rates, and increasing efficiency for all of its clients. With nearly a decade of industry experience, the Conversion.ai team has been assisting entrepreneurs, marketers, and agencies through online courses and software products which have grown to over 25,000 businesses.

A satisfied client said: “Jarvis has completely changed the process of writing for me. Whether it’s kicking off new ideas for me to branch out on or expanding on my own, Jarvis has it covered from all the way.”

Interested parties can find more information at https://www.conversion.ai/?fpr=thomas18

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