Japan’s Largest Thrift Store Eco-Town Has Opened A Location In Orange County CA

Thrift store, ECO TOWN USA INC, Japan's Eco-Friendly Reuse store, has opened the first flagship store in the Orange County. This is the first store to open in the United States. Unlike any standard thrift store, Eco-Town buys and sells after your unwanted reusable items.

Thrift Store in Orange County, CA —ECO-TOWN USA INC, Japan’s Eco-Friendly thrift store, has opened the first flagship store in Orange County California. This is the first store to open in the United States mainland. There are approximately 900 stores in Japan owned and operated by the Hard Off Corporation, the parent company of Eco Town USA, Inc. Unlike any standard thrift store, Eco Town buys and sells your unwanted reusable items. Everything from clothing, bags and jewelry to electronics, furniture, instruments and much more! Eco Town cleans, repairs and inspects all items prior to sale. Every customer can be sure the items they buy are in good, operating and usable condition.

Eco-Town thrift store is proud to display over 40,000 items in their 11,000 square foot store location. Customer’s are offered cash on the spot for their unwanted reusable goods. Eco-Town’s concept for purchasing, reselling and recycling helps communities keep more than 700 millions pounds of used goods from filling up landfills each and every year.

At Eco-Town, a large selection of quality goods and merchandise arrives daily. This includes computers, audio equipment, CD’s, DVD’s, games, brand name items, sporting goods, novelty items, automotive goods, toys and more. Guarantee Cards are provided with the purchase of consumer electronics, musical instruments, watches and many other items. The Guarantee Card reassures customers when they make purchases. With it comes a cash-back return policy good.

“I’ve never seen such an incredible selection of used goods! The aisles are filled with great quality merchandise. I could spend hours in this store!” stated one reviewer, Steph L.

Eco-Town is expecting to expand the business to 300 stores by 2030 in the United States mainland and outside Japan.

To learn more about Eco-Town USA, Inc in Orange County CA. Please visit the website at https://ecotown-us.com

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