January: The Month of Faulty Boilers and How Local Boiler Company can Help

Mulgas speaks out about their boiler replacement service in Surrey and speaks about how to spot any potential problems with a boiler through common symptoms

Local boiler repair and installation services company based in Guildford, Surrey, known by the name of Mulgas have reached out to us today to discuss just how readers can determine whether their boiler is about to break down or not. January is the month that often peaks the coldest temperatures and coincidentally the same month which sees the most boiler breakdowns across the UK due to Brits making good use throughout the winter and festive periods previous.

Now more than ever, with more people working from home we are using our boilers more and more on a frequent basis, and for longer periods of time than what’s been seen over previous years. It’s important that people keep their boilers in-check and serviced, however a representative from Mulgas has reached out to talk to us today about how readers can spot a potentially malfunctioning boiler.

If there’s no heat in the home, then it’s pretty obvious that the boiler isn’t working. This isn’t always a cause for concern and in most cases, can be solved through a simple phone call. If the boiler pressure keeps changing repeatedly, or regularly drops then it could be a sign that a boiler is having problems. If gas bills are higher than usual with no change in usage habits, this is also another sign of an issue. Not got a combi-boiler? Then for gas boilers, the flame could be an indicator of issues, the flame should be burning blue and if it looks yellow or orange then a Gas Safe registered engineer will need to come and look at the boiler in question.

In the long-run, a little maintenance can go an awful long way, and save readers a huge amount on boiler repair bills further down the line. To ensure people are prepared and to avoid waking up to a faulty boiler it is always worth ensuring boilers are fully serviced at least on an annual basis.

For more information about Mulgas and their boiler repair services, see the following link: https://www.mulgas.co.uk/

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