Jacob Attias Introduces His Latest Luxury Residential Masterpiece

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With contractor Mr. Jacob Attias as the president of RAMCO Development Inc, company's main efforts comprise the development, building, acquisition of real estate, property management and leasing, having 39 years of expertise as contractors and developers with commercial, residential, and institutional properties.

The success of any business tremendously depends upon its leader and Jacob Attias can be considered the prime mover behind the success of RAMCO DEVELOPMENT Inc. and it’s associated businesses. In his more than four decades of being president of the business, he was able to develop and construct high end residential buildings and various properties, such as office buildings, strip centers, etc in Canada and the USA.

One of his major projects is upscale condominium building on Greene Avenue in Westmount, QC. With its rich and varied history, the City of Westmount has long been celebrated as one of North America’s highest residential surroundings. Bordering Westmount’s eastern gateway, Greene Avenue features a timeless European feel, combining British and Parisian fashion together with its varied architecture. Greene Avenue’s panache is identified by its historic buildings, flourishing fashion boutiques, outstanding art galleries, and fascinating antique shops. Known as only 1250 Avenue Greene, an elegant and luxury residential complex will reveal the attractiveness and nature of this historical and cherished neighbourhood.

The programmers and architects of 1250 Avenue Greene are given to keep the urban surroundings and comforts to which local residents are deeply attached. Strategies contain a welcoming plaza along with the preservation and updating of the tremendously popular and distinctive Les 5 Saisons grocery store dwelling 10,000 square feet on the ground floor. The building’s construction will represent a degree of quality attained just in several private homes on nearby Mount Royal.

Along with a doorman’s desk and post room, the entrance will contain one storey foyer and “living room” surroundings with hearth. The decor for these regions will improve and expand the building’s architecture by including natural flagstone and wood panelling. Individual floor receptions will offer views to the private, lushly landscaped courtyard garden and hot tub. 1250 Avenue Greene will consist of some twenty exclusive dwellings offering the familiarity of individual dwellings designed and built to the personal taste and lifestyle of each owner. With numerous balconies and landscaped patios, 1250 Avenue Greene offers luxury indoor and outdoor living in the center of the city. A risk-free, state of the art surroundings combines the old world sophistication and appeal of the building’s architecture over its highly sophisticate infrastructure. With landscaped patios, private indoor parking, heat recovery systems, and totally individual indoor surroundings systems, 1250 Avenue Greene is actually green. The homes’ unobstructed, joint hanging ceilings offer the height of flexibility in interior designs and fashion.

With their in house interior design company, Le Groupe Architex, the company has imagined and carried out exclusive high-end homes in the southern United States and Quebec. Furthermore, through their offices in Beijing, Architex International has designed advanced residential hotel-resort options in Shanghai and Beijing.

Ramco Developments Inc., contractors and developers with 37 years of expertise in commercial, residential, industrial and institutional properties will ensure the success of the esteemed 1250 Avenue Greene job. The business’s building arm, Cegeco Design & Construction Ltd., famous for producing outstanding quality on budget and on time since 1973, will assume the building management of the undertaking. 1250 Avenue Greene is Ramco’s dedication to bringing the neighbourhood a luxury residential masterpiece that pays court to Westmount’s architectural and cultural history.

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