Jacksonville Survival Kit Emergency First Aid Supplies Collection Launched

Jacksonville survival and emergency preparedness store Protection Bay updated its range of high-quality survival products, offering clients complete survival kits and individual items such as multifunctional cards, flashlights, light sticks, electric chargers and many other products.

Protection Bay, a survival store based in Jacksonville, launched an updated range of first aid, survival and disaster preparedness supplies. From complete survival kit to individual items such as firestarters, portable chainsaws and multifunctional cards, clients can browse through a large collection of high-quality survival products.

More information can be found at http://protectionbay.com.

Quality survival gear is essential in emergency situations when access to health supplies, food and other facilities is impractical or impossible. Recent extreme events such as hurricanes Harvey and Irma have seen more and more people purchase survival kits, with stores offering a wide range of products to meet the growing demand.

Protection Bay offers a comprehensive collection of high-quality survival, first aid and self-defense supplies.

Customers can visit the store’s official website for various survival kits, including the FeatherLite Survival Kit. This complete emergency pack features more than fifteen individual items and a compact pouch, making it ideal for anyone looking for portable survival kits for home, office, car or boat.

The kit contains essential elements such as light sticks, a compass, emergency whistle, spark wheels, mini flashlight, emergency blankets, wet fire tinders and many others.

An even more compact option is the Stay Safe Kit, featuring an emergency poncho, survival blanket and bandana, two 4” light sticks, an aluminum whistle and a compact travel pouch.

Website visitors will also find a high-quality multifunctional survival card featuring a stainless steel serrated blade, can opener, awl, magnifying lens, inch and centimeter ruler, tweezers and toothpick and screwdriver.

Other available items include portable flashlights, tinders, knives, chainsaws, water filter, solar oven bags and many others.

The recent collection is part of Protection Bay’s efforts to provide clients in Jacksonville and nationwide with high-quality survival and preparedness products.

Interested parties can find more information on the full range of Protection Bay products by visiting the above-mentioned website.

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