Jacksonville Personal And Home Protection HD Hidden Watch Camera Range Launched

Protection Bay has just launched a new product range including pepper spray, a stun gun and a hidden camera watch. These products, as well as others on the site, are ideal for anybody looking for the best self-defence items on the market.

A new personal protection product range, including a new stun device, pepper spray and hidden camera watch has been launched. Protection Bay offer these products alongside a huge range of other protection based products which are all ideal for anybody looking to get top quality, affordable protection, self-defence and surveillance gear.

For more information please visit the website here: https://protectionbay.com

Customers will find that Protection Bay is a site that is dedicated to offering a huge range of protection based products on an easy to use site and at an affordable price.

Not only does Protection Bay offer these products to customers, but they also strive to offer the best and most up to date information about self-defence products and items on the market in an ever-growing market.

Amongst the range of products on offer, customers will find the RUNT Stun Gun. This stun gun is available in a variety of colours including red, blue, pink, black and purple.

This stun device features a voltage of 20,000,000 volts and includes a built in flashlight and wrist strap. The flashlight makes it useful for use in the dark, and the wrist strap makes it almost impossible to lose, which is important if customers ever need to use it. The RUNT stun gun is also small and easy to conceal in the hand.

Another item in the product range is the HD Hidden Watch Camera. This stylish wristwatch features a hidden camera that can record in HD.

The watch features built-in DVR, a silver watch case, black face and a silver watch band. This watch looks like a standard watch and there is no way that anybody will know that it is a hidden camera, making it ideal for everyday use and the video can be for whenever needed.

Within the new range, there is also the 1.2% MC Pepper Shot spray. This pepper spray features a flip top and a concentration of 1.2% major capsaicinoids. This MC measurement is the true measure of a pepper sprays heat, and the MC Pepper Shot, with 1.2% concentration, is more effective than most other pepper sprays on the market.

Those wishing to find out more can visit the website on the link provided above.

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