Jacksonville FL Personal Safety/Security Products Dealership Program Expands

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Personal security equipment suppliers Safety Technology, contacted on 1-904-720-2188, have expanded their service to customers wishing to become dealers in safety and security products.

Safety Technology now supports dealers to sell their personal security products in several different ways, including internet sales via individual websites, eBay, Amazon, or in person at home parties, flea markets, shows, or fundraisers. They offer competitive wholesale prices and dropshipping, meaning dealers do not need to pay for merchandise until they have been paid themselves.

More information can be found at: https://www.safetytechnology.org

Individuals and businesses can use Safety Technology’s responsive dealership business opportunity to sell in-demand products across the United States. Following a simple application process, new dealers will gain instant access to a catalog of over 200 products at competitive wholesale prices, with images, descriptions, and universal product codes. The company is a major importer and distributor of leading brands such as ZAP personal defense equipment, mace, and Garrett metal detectors.

The company offers a range of personal safety and security equipment, including stun devices, pepper sprays, hidden cameras, self-defense keychains, animal repellents, and alarms to suit every need.

Safety Technology can also help dealers set up their e-commerce websites, which is straightforward even for dealers who are not technically proficient. The company focuses on providing best-in-class dealer support.

The company also publishes a range of marketing materials, including titles such as the “Insider’s Guide to Selling Personal Security Products” and the “Ultimate Guide to Direct Selling at Home Parties.”

Safety Technology was established in 1986 by military Veteran Michael Gravette and is based in Jacksonville, Florida where they hold their entire catalog in stock in a designated warehouse from which they ship nationwide. The company holds an A+ rating with the BBB.

A satisfied customer has said “The efficiency of the order and shipping department is a wonder to behold. This is not always the case with vendors, especially those who dropship. This helps with quick accurate shipments which make us look good to our customers.”

Full details of Safety Technology and the expanded service they are now offering can be found here https://www.safetytechnology.org

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