J5 Tactical Flashlight V1 Pro Powerful LED Camping Torch Amazon Launch Announced

A new J5 Tactical V1-Pro 300 Lumens Flashlight has been launched on Amazon by J5 Tactical. The company designs and creates durable flashlights with high intensity LED beams which are ideal for outdoor activities.

J5 Tactical have announced the release of their new J5 Tactical V1-Pro 300 Lumens Flashlight on Amazon. The online retailer offers a range of durable and powerful torches to their customers.

For more information please visit the website here: https://amazon.com/J5-Tactical-V1-Pro-Flashlight-Original/dp/B00V7T1YRQ.

J5 Tactical are designers and creators innovative and ergonomic flashlights. Their torches are designed to be powerful and reliable when needed by their users. They are ideal for many different uses, including around the home, for outdoor pursuits and security.

Their latest flashlight to be launched is the J5 Tactical V1-Pro and is now available on Amazon. This compact torch is 4 inches long and 1.125 inches wide and features a useful clip for attaching the flashlight to clothing or equipment for easy transportation and to keep it close to hand. The end of the torch has a large textured button to make it easy to operate.

The body of the flashlight is crafted from aircraft grade aluminum and is available in four color designs. The color designs available are black, blue aqua, desert camo, forest camo and hunter orange. The body is designed to be impact resistant, water resistant and skid proof making it ideal for use outdoors when camping, hunting, cycling, hiking and many other activities.

The LED bulb gives a super bright output of 300 lumens. The powerful beam can reach over the length of two football fields and has an adjustable focus range. This allows the user to zoom in for an intense beam or out for a wider field of illumination. The flashlight is also economical, using a single AA battery. One battery can give a solid hour of bright light or it can last for two weeks with normal everyday use.

Those wishing to find out more can visit the Amazon listing on the link provided above.

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