It’s Written All Over Your Face By Anthony Ventura To Be Launched Soon

Author, Anthony Ventura, will soon launch his new book, It’s Written All Over Your Face, which teaches readers the skill of face reading and allows them to see people the way they see themselves.

Author Anthony Ventura, has announced the upcoming launch of his book, It’s Written All Over Your Face, which, through face reading, will help readers learn to see someone the way they see themselves, and to accept and acknowledge them for the unique individual that they are, absent any judgment or prejudice.

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Anthony has over thirty five years of public speaking and corporate training under his belt, coupled with a diverse history of entrepreneurship, sales and marketing, and event planning experience. His enthusiastic, passionate presentation style is both educational and fun, and his keen interest in lifelong self-improvement led him to explore Face Reading as both a calling and a career.

Face reading is mankind’s oldest and original language. It pre-dates the spoken word by perhaps millions of years. Everyone on earth, including our pre-historic ancestors, has or had an innate ability to face read, but most have lost the instinctual trust in the process. Still, who has not thought, “something isn’t right about this person”, and didn’t quite know why? Or, “I like her – she has a kind face.” These feelings, or “gut” instincts, are remnants of an earlier time, when, as cavemen without spoken language, getting an instant read on someone could literally be a matter of life or death.

By applying the learnings in his book, readers will learn to see people from their own personal, internal world perspective and an often-times contrasting external, business world perspective, and what each means to their approach and outlook.

Anthony teaches that face reading can reveal a person’s kindness, compassion, dedication, humor, and many other positive qualities. Each feature on the face is put there over time by the emotions, feelings, and attitudes of its owner, thereby making the face an accurate representation of their own internal worldview. The books gives its readers the ability to see someone as they see themselves, absent any judgment, prejudice, or categorical stereotype. It is a surefire way to create closer, more intimate connections with others.

In his book, Ventura proposes a New Golden Rule. The common phrase “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” is well-intentioned and can, in fact, create kindness. However, what if others don’t want to be treated the way you want to? With this, he proposes a New Golden Rule: Do unto others as they would have you do unto them. Wouldn’t it be nice if each person could be treated in ways that best suit them as individuals? Anthony’s book shows how face reading allows for that very treatment.

Although there are a number of different methodologies having to do with face reading, or physiognomy, Ventura has found after much research that, the methodology he presented in his book is accurate, as easy to understand as it is to be understood, highly functional, and is the right method to know, use, and teach.

It is a method of giving the reader a greater understanding of, and a deeper connection with, everyone they meet by “breaking the code” of the experiential maps each and every one of us creates and carries on our faces throughout our lifetimes.

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