It’s On: Paleo vs. Vegan in the World’s Greatest Food Fight

The World's Greatest Food Fight is between Paleo and Vegan to determine which nutritional approach is better.

For years, Americans have tried diet after diet, trying to find ways to eat healthy, lose weight, and stay fit. In a nationwide discussion, the World’s Greatest Food Fight brings together paleo and vegan experts to share their best tips, recipes, and advice for healthy eating. The goal is to get as many people as possible talking about healthy nutrition – which is the first step to healthy eating.

Many of the experts were ordinary people who were struggling with a health concern, from dealing with weight issues to severe medical conditions. Ultimately, they found that food was the best solution for turning their lives around. For many of them, they started a blog or were approached to write a book because of their story, and have become national spokespeople for the merits of the paleo or vegan diet.

According to Power Up Your Health host Ed Forteau, on the CBS Sports Radio Network, “on my radio show, the most popular topic is nutrition, and the most passionate group of guests have always been people that follow a paleo or vegan diet. We thought it would be fun to bring these two groups together and battle it out in a playful way. What people will find out, from participating in the food fight, is that these two groups have more in common than you think.”

The Food Fight will take place on Facebook, where video interviews and clips, recipes, and fun activities will be posted and shared. People can get their questions answered by a community of very passionate followers of each diet. For those who are looking for a healthy nutritional solution, there will be plenty of people to persuade them on the merits of each diet.

The Food Fight starts on October 5th. On October 19th, there will be a Big Online Finale where Forteau will host a Facebook Live event. There will be prizes, including books and spices. One of the teams will be chosen the Food Fight winner, and several participants will be chosen as the winners of the Grand Prize, which are $300 gift cards for gourmet meals from Chef’d.

People can enter by visiting the Contest Page or by going to the Facebook Fan Page and signing up and jumping directly into the action.

The World’s Greatest Food Fight is part of Power Up Your Health, a CBS Sports Radio Network show. It was founded in 2014 to showcase health experts and share advice on healthy living.

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