Its Alive Automotive Acquires Lincoln T4400 Plasma Cutter for Custom Fabrication

It’s Alive Automotive Announces the acquisition of Torchmate CAD Operated Plasma Cutter to Save Time and Money for Classic Car Restoration Enthusiasts.

St Louis, MO November 23, 2020 –It’s Alive Automotive acquires its latest tool for exotic and classic car restorations. The Torchmate CAD allows for in house precise fabrication of custom auto restoration parts that are no longer available or manufactured. The elimination of outsourcing customized machinery will allow to save clients money and time. It is specifically designed to help consumers better control the classic car restoration process and enjoy a better restoration experience.

Torchmate goes the extra mile by equipping their customers with the best in house USA based technical support team in the industry and with Torchmate Academy. The support that comes with the purchase of a Torchmate 4000 Series is, without question, the best in the business.

Plasma cutting grew out of plasma welding in the 1960s, and emerged as a very productive way to cut sheet metal and plate in the 1980s.[2] It had the advantages over traditional “metal against metal” cutting of producing no metal chips, giving accurate cuts, and producing a cleaner edge than oxy-fuel cutting. Early plasma cutters were large, somewhat slow and expensive and, therefore, tended to be dedicated to repeating cutting patterns in a “mass production” mode.

As with other machine tools, CNC (computer numerical control) technology was applied to plasma cutting machines in the late 1980s into the 1990s, giving plasma cutting machines greater flexibility to cut diverse shapes “on demand” based on a set of instructions that were programmed into the machine’s numerical control. These CNC plasma cutting machines were, however, generally limited to cutting patterns and parts in flat sheets of steel, using only two axis of motion (referred to as X Y cutting).

“We wanted to offer a faster turnaround for custom cut sheet metal and parts and to help our clients complete classic car restorations faster and consequently more precisely for their exotic and classic car needs.” said Jeff Homsher, Owner.

“When it is designing classic restoration components that will exceed normal factory operating limits on a consistent basis, we have to have stellar engineering capabilities and this plasma cutter allows our company’s components to be precision crafted using modern day CAD technology. It’s Alive Automotive lives, breathes and sleeps engineering to bring the most durable and safest parts to all of our restoration projects. With over a decade of experience and classic car restorations under our belt, and with the capabilities of the Torchmate T4400 machine, we can deliver those precision parts.” Jeff added.

“Today’s consumers demand a timely and more precise car restoration,” says Jeff Homsher, President and Owner of It’s Alive Automotive. “Our latest plasma cutter is in addition to all the latest restoration tools we have at hand giving our clients precisely what they want most. Precision and a timely restoration process”

It’s Alive Automotive also offers classic car sellers a complete Consignment Sales Service that will provide a worry-free process and keeps it as simple as possible. With professional photography, a complete detailed automotive history and detailed description combined with extensive auto sales listings, a classic car or exotic is assured top dollar and a quick sale. These exclusive auto listing sites and outlets have as many as 38,000 classic cars for sale and receive over a billion visitors from around the world. The Classic Car Consignment Service is straight forward and safe.

“While the company still has a ‘local approach’ with a hyper-local database we pride ourselves of being the best at locating exotic and classic cars anywhere on the planet.” Jeff Homsher went on to say. “Our ability to find the right car with the right specifications is legendary. Our clients come from all walks of life and from all over the U.S. to find the perfect car of their dreams and at the best market value.” Said Jeff.

About It’s Alive Automotive

Jeff Homsher has been restoring and selling exotic and classic cars for over 40 years in the St Louis Missouri marketplace. The companies’ business success and wide ranging experiences creates the highest standards for the buying and selling needs of classic car clientele.

It’s Alive Automotive at the 11714 Saint Charles Rock Road, St Louis location offers complete classic car auto service and maintenance, collision repair, complete classic car and muscle car restoration, consignment sales, and buying services.

It’s Alive Automotive specializes in European sports cars, exotic sports cars and domestic classic cars. The Team approach to helping clients find the specific special automotive machine at the best value is exactly why the business exceeds with referring customers. More information is available by calling 314-348-5774 or visiting

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