Italian Marble and Granite Finishings – Cool Way To Remodel Homes in Houston, TX

Carrara Italian Marble Import, exclusive importer of white Italian marble, offers quality marble supplies for remodeling kitchens and bathrooms.

Carrara Italian Marble Import recently announced its kitchen and bathrooms remodeling solutions, with quality and unique marbles and granite products imported directly from miners in Italy. The kitchen and bathroom are probably the two most used rooms in the home and simple remodeling of these rooms does not only add uniqueness and beauty to the room, but also helps to increase the value of the home.

The use of authentic Italian marble and granite countertops designed for kitchens and bathrooms is an easy and effective way of remodeling these rooms with little effort. Carrara Italian Marble Import over the years has supplied authentic Italian marbles not only to Houston, but also to the rest of Texas, remaining the only importer of authentic marbles and granites procured directly from Italian miners.

The elegant and modern look given to the kitchen and bathroom is made possible at remarkably affordable prices due to Carrara Italian Marble Import sourcing the marbles directly from miners, eliminating the middlemen and the additional costs that come with them. This ensures that homeowners, hoteliers, and other such users of granites and marbles supply can carry out remodeling of their kitchens and bathrooms without breaking the bank.

The custom marble and granite countertops are designed to fit into any kitchen or bathroom, regardless of the style or design of the home. This allows homeowners and other such users the liberty to choose from different quality granite and marble products, with prices starting from as low as $80.

The Carrara Italian Marble Import team, which is comprised of experienced and well-trained professionals, also ensures that the counterports can be easily installed in any kitchen or bathroom, irrespective of the design or architecture.

The offer also means that homeowners do not have to worry about remodeling for a long time to come, as the countertops are made from the highest quality marbles and granites, guaranteeing their durability.

In addition to helping homes remodel their kitchens and bathrooms with quality, authentic Italian marble and granite products, the exclusive importer of quality Italian marble, also supplies authentic Italian Granite & Marble Flooring and wall tile, allowing for an overall remodeling of the home.

The supply of the different granite and marble products also makes Carrara Italian Marble Import a one-stop source for all home remodeling supplies, with over 46 different styles and colors of stone in the warehouse. Check out the services section to see all the services that the company provides.

About Carrara Italian Marble Import

Carrara Italian Marble Import is the exclusive importer of authentic Italian marble and granite not only in Houston, Texas but also for the rest of the United States of America. The company is the 1st source for Grade A natural mountain stones that originate from Italy. The company has its headquarters in South West Houston, Texas, supplying quality products to different locations across the United States.

Carrara Italian Marble Import has over the years supplied granite and marble products ranging from marble & granite slabs, countertops, flooring to wall tiles. The products are available in different styles, patterns and colors to commercial customers and individuals of all kinds, at the best prices possible, with over 46 different stones available to choose from.

The company is not only unique for being the sole supplier of authentic marble and granite from Italy but is also has the special machinery to cut stones to any custom size (i.e. 18×18, 18×24, 24×24, 6×16 or 6×18), in addition to slabs, tiles, and interior design items. Read about Carrara Italian Marble Import on their official site.

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