IT Tech Marketing Agency Reveals Google’s New Image Guidelines

IT marketing agency, Geeky Tech have recently created a blog post based on Google's new image publishing guidelines. The blog post can be read in full at:

IT marketing agency, Geeky Tech have recently created a blog post based on Google’s new image publishing guidelines. The blog post is designed to help readers learn how to optimise their web pages and images to show in search results in major search engines such as Google, Bing etc.

Geeky Tech’s new article provides information on how to create a better user experience with images by checking page titles and descriptions, including structured data, optimising page speed, adding quality images and more.

The blog can be read in full over on their website at:

The new support page by Google explains how structured data plays a key role in rich results by stating,

“If you include structured data, Google Images can display your images as rich results, including a prominent badge, which gives users relevant information about your page and can drive better targeted traffic to your site.”

The support page then elaborated further on Badges:

“If you’re publishing recipes, add Recipe markup on your page, for products, add Product markup, and for videos, add Video markup.”

Geeky Tech provide the full Google Image Publishing Guidelines document along with a comparison to the old guidelines. The IT marketing agency elaborate on how the new changes are more focused on structured data features, page speed information and device-friendly advice.

When asked about the guide, Geeky Tech’s CEO Ben Hawkshaw-Burn said,

“Image optimisation as part of on page optimisation is really important, so we wanted to make sure you guys were aware of this by creating this blog post. You may be surprised at just how significant image searches really are. Jumpshot and Moz revealed some interesting data claiming how Google Images account for a large number of searches. In fact, their research showed searches in Google Images are made 10x more often than any search across YouTube, Amazon, Facebook and Google Maps.”

For those interested in learning more about the IT marketing agency can do so on their official website:

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