IT Hen House Partners With Zoho For Upgraded CRM And Customer Service Capability

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IT Henhouse, a consulting firm, has launched a partnership with Zoho. The company is working closely with the international giant to empower small and medium-sized businesses.

IT Hen House, a US-based veteran and minority-owned company, announce a partnership with Zoho, a company specializing in online productivity tools and SaaS applications. This partnership completes IT Hen House’s comprehensive offerings in IT consulting and app development services.

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This partnership was motivated to fill the gap in IT Hen House’s customer relationship and management software. Zoho fills this gap and brings a suite of software designed to run any business. They have a comprehensive CRM platform and more.

IT Hen House’s mission is to help its clients with competent, targeted IT consulting and all other attendant functions. They empower companies to make sophisticated technology understandable and work for their clients to implement it effectively.

The company provides consultative expertise that is people-powered. Training on all systems is provided before an application, platform, or software is launched with an organization. This process helps reduce downtime and means less friction with a new system deployment.

Zoho is a multinational company that has various office management solutions. The Zoho Office Suite is a web-based online office suite containing project management, web conferencing, word processing, presentations, wikis, spreadsheets, databases, note-taking, customer relationship management, invoicing, and more.

IT Hen House move to partner with this international company gives clients a complete package for their IT and CRM needs. IT Henhouse uses technology to improve businesses across a broad spectrum of industries. They include Healthcare, Logistics & Transportation, Alternative Energy, Hospitality, Government, and Manufacturing.

A company spokesman said, “People are the purpose, tech is the tool. At IT-HenHouse, we know that IT isn’t just about technology; it’s about the possibility. We’re committed to empowering our clients with automation, collaboration, innovation, security, and visibility.”

The company works with CIO’s, Office Managers, and in-house IT teams. They also have dedicated staff to help entrepreneurs discover the next step in implementing technological solutions for their growing enterprise.

This IT Hen House’s launch of this partnership makes them a one-stop location for IT solutions and now a reliable source of technologically based customer service software and support.

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