Isuru Epa Male Psychology Relationship Advice Attractive To Guys Book Launched

A new book has been launched by Isuru Epa, helping women to learn more about male psychology. It focuses on how they can choose the right partner and offers expert relationship advice, along with guidance on how to be more attractive to guys.

Isuru Epa has launched a new short book aimed at the female audience, using a very candid approach to reveal various aspects of male psychology from a primal standpoint. The book was written to help ladies avoid many of the common relationship pitfalls and implications years before they ever happen.

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The site explains that the new book helps readers to filter out the men from the boys, the players from the potential husbands, and the winners from the losers. It also offers a range of advice on how to live a fuller, healthier, more vibrant life.

Female readers wanting to know how to become more attractive to guys, and how to attract real men can get expert advice through reading the book. It also teaches readers a “Does he love me?” test, which covers three unorthodox tests that can reveal a man’s true intentions.

One of the focuses of the book is how to build better self confidence, so that readers can feel better about themselves. It explains that one of the most important steps to take in self development is to identify the negative habit patterns that have been causing people pain.

From there, readers can list negative habit patterns in a diary or journal, which allows them to build a plan for a better, fuller life. Once the negative patterns have been written down, it’s possible to write out a corrective bevhavior against each negative habit to get rid of them.

Readers are encouraged to renumber their list of patterns based on what is causing them the most distress, so that they can tackle the more important aspects of their lives first. Through writing a proven corrective measure for their biggest challenge, they can weave it into their daily life and set about improving themselves in the most effective way.

The book also focuses on men and their psychology. Readers will learn more about the opposite sex, and learn how to deal with them in every situation. Full details can be found on the URL above.

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