ISO-certified Personal Protection Equipment PPE Face Mask Products Launched

A new range of PPE equipment has been launched by Medsential. They offer premium-quality products to healthcare professionals, corporate clients and more and are known for their efficient service.

Medsential has launched a new range of personal protection equipment on its online store. They are a medical device company with the capabilities to manufacture and assemble a wide variety of products.

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All of their newly launched personal protection equipment (PPE) are registered with the FDA and manufactured with the highest quality in mind. Customers can shop safe in the knowledge that they’re getting the highest quality service.

Options include pleated disposable face masks, face shields, and full medical protective suits. These can be bought in bulk, making them well suited to commercial establishments, schools, offices and more.

Medsential was established in 2005 with the aim of providing a higher quality of medical solutions. Now they have grown to the point that they manufacture, develop and distribute their home-grown, high quality products to clients across the US.

Alongside this, they work with partner companies to provide clinical trial tests, distribution, manufacturing, and assembly. They work continuously with physicians, engineers and partner companies to provide new technologies where they’re needed most.

Their high quality polypropylene plastic face shields are designed to be lightweight, allowing them to be worn for longer periods of time. They offer better protection for the wearer from others who may be sick, because the entire face is covered and protected by the clear plastic barrier.

Core features of the face shields include thick foam padding to ensure the shield is a comfortable distance away from the face, and a one size fits all approach. This includes a premium elastic band to adjust well to all head sizes.

Their disposable face masks exceed ASTM Level 3 regulations, offer three layers of protection with non-woven polypropylene for filtration. They are trusted with over 95% filtration, and are fluid resistant.

Another option for reliable protection is their KN95 face mask. This is designed to be manufactured to the highest quality with five layers of protection and the same high level of filtration.

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