ISO 9001 and 14001 Certification Business Quality Solutions for North America.

A new ISO certification program has been launched by American Global Standards. They help clients to attain ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification in seamless and efficient ways.

American Global Standards has launched a new ISO certification program to provide ISO certification in the United States. They offer ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification and streamline the process for clients, allowing them to save time and money.

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The newly launched Virtual Cert Advanced Surveillance and Recertification Procedures Program helps to meet the demands of companies across sectors.

The team explains that in today’s marketplace, the value of ISO 9001 certification varies from company to company. For some it’s a requirement to do business, while for others, the value has been minimized.

Clients can get in touch with American Global Standards (AGS) and sign up for their AGS Virtual Cert ASRP program. This is cost effective and represents a viable alternative to the “policeman” approach of other registrars.

ISO 9001 aims to provide clients with a Quality Management System that can monitor all aspects of their business. This allows for continual improvement with a system based on the unique requirements of each business.

Once a quality system is in place, clients are able to focus their time and energy on core business tasks more effectively. This allows them to enhance productivity and efficiency across all fields.

By getting in touch with American Global Standards, clients can secure better internal management, reach a globally recognized standard, and ultimately increase efficiency, productivity, and profit.

The company states: “American Global Standards is an American company and ISO registrar with over 25 years of experience assisting manufacturing and service industries in their quest to remain competitive in the global marketplace.

The team has over 25 years of experience as an ISO certification registrar and provides bespoke solutions for ISO 9001 certification and ISO 14001 certification.

They can help clients attain ISO certification in the US, increase business savings, improve business efficiency, and ultimately improve business quality. Alongside this, they are also able to save top management time.

By attaining certification, clients can add credibility to their business by proving that their products or services meet the demands of the industry and the expectations of their customers.

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