Island Smiles Dental Care Providing Top Quality Invisalign Treatment

Island Smiles Dental Care has defied convention in Orthodontic treatment in the dentistry market. Further information can be found at

Island Smiles Dental Care today reflected on its popular service of Invisalign. The main aim with Invisalign treatment is to give our patients a new smile, while increasing confidence, relieving crowded teeth that can lead to excessive tooth wear, along with reducing sensitivity. Additional benefits for our patients include healthier gums, easier cleanings and decreased risk of periodontal disease. Island Smiles Dental is making a difference in their patients dental health.

Dr. Eric Stanley, DMD, Owner Dentist of Island Smiles Dental Care says: “We always wanted to impress our patients, and with Invisalign, it happens daily. Anyone familiar with Orthodontic treatment in dentistry will probably have noticed how most general offices currently seem to refer patients out, rather than treating in house like our practice does. We felt this was a problem because this is an inconvenience for patients that have to go elsewhere for treatment.”

So as a welcome breath of fresh air, Island Smiles Dental Care treats our patients for Invisalign in house and we offer great pricing with unmatched customer service. Island Smiles Dental Care chose to make this move because we believe people should be able to stay in their home office for most of the treatments offered in order to maximize convenience and quality control.

Dr. Eric Stanley, DMD also said “We want to give our customers options. With Invisalign, they don’t have to wear metal in their mouth that can cut the lips and look gaudy. We want our patients to feel confident about themselves and know that they made the right choice coming to Island Smiles Dental Care to get their Invisalign treatment. when using Invisalign.”

Island Smiles Dental Care continues the practice tradition that has been around for 40 years, being established in 1981. Since Day 1 it has always aimed to stand out from the crowd, while also providing its customers the best possible experience at the best value.

Invisalign is available at Island Smiles Dental Care on 74 Lono Ave. Suite 210 in Kahului, Maui. To find out more, visit

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